Confessions of a Fashionista: I'm a Magpie...well...A Tag Collecting One

by - 09 April

I KEEP tags! Well...only pretty tags. I just cannot throw them away!


River Island

I love the classic River Island tags because they just look like they're quilted, but quilted paper. I love anything quilted and so very Chanel.


Other River Island Tags I kept...

Ok so, moving onto Miso Vintage. I love the delicate colours and as you can see the round pastel blue and pink ones have real buttons attached! ACTUAL REAL buttons. Oh and the cream one with the lace is beautiful, I just love how they thought to use lace instead of a bit of plastic. You can just feel the amount of thought that has gone into producing these beautiful tags. These are my favourites of ALL! They're just so delicate and cute.

 Ribbon and Red or Dead from Bank

And I keep these pretty little things in this pretty little gold box... well as the spare buttons I get with the buttoned clothes I buy.

TOP TIP 1: Always keep the buttons in their plastic packaging they come in, so this way they won't get damaged by rubbing against each other or any sharp or pointy object. TOP TIP 2: Always keep them in the same pot, a small one as soon as you cut it off your tag, this way you will never ever forget about them or lose them.

So I think I have come to the conclusion of why I collect pretty little tags. They reflect what I like in fashion, I love to buy anything lacey, pearly, buttoned and PASTEL clothing! I'd like to know what you think of my collecting tags confession and whether you do the same too!

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  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who did this! I also keep a wild selection of tags and buttons/beads in a similar pot to yours. Cute post!

  2. Me to! I was worried about posting it as I thought people would think it was totally weird!

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