Why Do You Wear Makeup?

by - October 30, 2012

I decided to do my first ever TAG after reading Meg from Wonderful You post about this particular tag. I have also been watching Youtube videos on this tag and found myself thinking about how I really feel about make up and thought that it would be worth sharing.

When did you begin to love makeup?

I was never really big on make up. Funnily enough, I actually HATED make up. I hated the feel of the makeup on my face, I could feel it on my face the whole day and could never wait to take it off! Beauty is pain! Though when I was younger around the age of 6 to 8 I would experiment with make up putting blusher on my ENTIRE cheek all the way up my contour line and right down to my chin. I would also use the eye liner to create a wobbly line on my eyelids but put on the lipstick perfectly (at least I thought so at the time).

I began to really appreciate make up when watching Youtube beauty guru's post about their favourite beauty buys and their tutorials. It was when I was about 18 years old (only a year ago!) that I really got to know make up and began my experimenting and fell for bronzers, highlighters and mascara's. At the moment I am getting to know BB creams as an alternative to the foundation.

How do you feel without makeup?

I don't feel as confident as I do when I am wearing make up but I could go out without makeup ANYWHERE and still feel good. However, sometimes I do feel I need to put on some mascara and a bit of lipstick and then I'd feel pretty. Without make up I'd say I still feel good, I never feel the need to wear makeup on unless its some party or big event and even then I'd be fine without! If you told me I could never wear makeup ever again that would be a bit extreme but I just feel that extra good with makeup. I say only mascara for eyes as I hate wearing eye liner simply because of the fact that it's more time consuming to take off (old habits die hard).

What do you like about makeup? 

I love how make up can compliment fashion. They go so well together, they should be married and it is the main reason why I wear make up. I know it's a part of enhancing your appearance but fashion is why I am drawn to make up. If I am wearing mostly black I love contrasting it a bright red lipstick. I love looking angelic with wing-lashes and a nude colour lipgloss. I also love how you can change make up due to season, during summer I was bronzing away and this season I am crazy about plum and berry lipsticks.

Three 'Holy Grail' Items: 

1. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Mulberry. This is my whack-on-and-get-going lipstick and I am always wearing it when I don't know what colour to wear or have no time. It's so moisturising and a faded/dark-red perfect from day to night AND goes with EVERY single outfit/look imaginable.

2. Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt-tip eye liner in 11 noir. This is the only eye liner I have ever really known since starting to wear make up and I bought it on a whim since Boots were having an offer with a Bourjois mascara at the time and I've never looked back

3. No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara in 01 Black. I am not big on making my lashes extensively long or volumised. I am only really interested in a mascara that will look absolutely natural and create no clumps or bumps. And this mascara is perfect for that since it has a comb wand and you never get excess mascara on the wand.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. If you've been reading this thinking about your answers I'd love to read about what makeup means to you. So TAG you're it!

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