Getting Back Into It

by - 31 December

Ever since I was 12 years old I loved looking at Fashion Magazines and 'inventing' outfits myself. I enjoyed Design class and was always doing designs as a past time hoping to one day become a Fashion Designer, especially after one of my teachers told me I should really consider a career in fashion.

I like to think that I am still as creative as I used to be and occasionally draw out designs on random bits of paper that I end up losing or in the middle of a Lecture. I have all these fashion ideas and I always think, 'I should get back into it', but I never do. Recently, I got out one of my sketchbooks and started sketching away and realised that after a whole year of no painting or drawing, I was very rusty and worried for hours that that was IT!

However, I began without drawing my usual silhouette to make it less frustrating and thought 'If I ruin this, there's a billion  more trees out there'. Aside from how ungreen that sounded, I carried on and after struggling to get my hand back in its old place I managed to do my first draft...


I then went onto the challenge of drawing the silhouette. I went straight to it and decided on a particular stance. It was one of my favourites as it really lets you show off the outfit due to the models arms being spread out.


One of my new year's resolutions is keep at this and hopefully get back my hand for drawing.

Happy New Year!

MC x

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