Happy Anniversary Fashionista Picks

by - 10 March

Today is my blog's first Birthday and to mark the occasion I have compiled my biggest hit posts for you. Looking through the posts from March 2012 I realised just how much I have progressed in my photography skills (hint photography website yet to launch) and even my English, and have I ever mentioned that I am actually an English with Creative Writing undergraduate? Maybe I should add that to 'about me'. I have also overtime changed my style so much, now opting for a more demure and grown up look.

So let's get started with my very first fashion post...


This coral crocheted collar number was my favourite piece last spring I wonder what part of the wardrobe it has fallen under. See my first ever post here.

For the rest of the photo's click on the images to view their relating posts.

Jeans! Jeans! And More Jeans!


This was when my jeans collection started growing and growing and growing and...still has not stopped! I am now into tapered trousers. I will be doing my new 'it' trousers look post soon.
Pretty Little Thing


This adorable baby satchel was the beginning of my - what I call - 'talking-about-pretty-things' post.

Nail Art

I love doing cute designs on my nails. So much so that within only a few months into blogging I won a blogger's nail art competition with Elf back in May! I haven't been able to stop since, with cute ladybird designs to American and British flags!


Branching Out


My outfit posts really kick-started with this Look Book. I am hoping to do many more outfit posts this year too.
Do it my Way


My first 'How to Style' post! My photography skills were really improving here, so much so that I use the image below to represent my blog on other sites.


I'm not big on beauty products but I am an avid reader of other people's beauty reviews. I have although made an attempt to join the beauty community on discussions about make-up. This was one of my best.

There's more to life than Fashion. What? Really??

I took 'Fashionista Picks' a step out of it's comfort zone and started writing about things that concern me and probably many of you. Starting with make-up and then money matters. I really hope to do more. Want proof? Check this out.
Here and Now! And Wherever Else?

I have been really busy lately, so much so that February is missing from my Posting History! I will start my blog's second year with a Tell All! Watch this space!


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