Make-up with my Brother!

by - 25 April

I thought that I should mix up the content I post on my YouTube channel by adapting the 'My Brother Does my Make up Tag' into 'My Brother Guesses my Make up'. This was of course inspired by the tag and I thought that mixing it up would be really fun. 

I always find my brother bewildered by the amount of make up I possess - as without a doubt most men will do - and wondering why I have to use a different shade eye shadow from three different palettes or getting excited about a new mascara thinking it was a pen. Oh and wait for this...believing my Benefit or Soap and Glory stuff to be edible! 

This is why I felt it would absolutely hilarious to post a video where my brother guesses my make up in front of you all and here it is. Click on the still below to watch and don't forget to subscribe to my brother's channel too. He's only eight and he's amazing.

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