Time for a March Faves…but first let me show you this!

by - 01 April

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This year marked the beginning of my YouTube journey. I have been so busy with life that I have not posted on my blog for months. I am back! I have made big plans for this blog, first I have make the jump and converted from a Wordpresser to a Blogger, this was a big move and lost my my followers! One great thing to come out of this is my happiness at my blogging achievement and design of this blog, I have revamped it completely! I am linking this blog onto Bloglovin' and would love it if you guys would come and follow me and it would make me extremely happy if you would pop on over to YouTube and subscribe to me! I have big plans for both of my blogs - if you didn't know I'm a writer too - and my YouTube channel. I don't want to bring you only fashion and beauty videos. I want to post unique videos and blog posts up to touch and reach out to people.

I have filmed two more videos that will be edited and uploaded on my channel very soon, I hope you go over and have a look. Until then, I shall see you in my next video and blog post!

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