Make Me Last Long | Solution to the Loreal Micellar Packaging Problem

by - 19 June

Every single beauty vlogger and blogger I have come across never fail to express their dismay at Loreal's  impractical micellar water packaging. If you don't already know about this, where have you been? Or worse yet, if you haven't heard the word micellar at least 50 times already the past few months, don't...even...[a speechless Malia].

So a very quick background to micellar waters and this whole problem with this particular one, I mean it's packaging, please do not mistake me for claiming that this micellar water has done my face any wrong, because it hasn't ok? It's just, it's very very impractical with packaging. 

Micellar waters were all the rave when French chemists stocked Bioderma and beauty bloggers and beauty fanatics alike scrimped and saved for the £31.00 for 500ml bottle and then scrimped and saved while using it too! The solution is gentle like water and its active agents work as dirt magnets, that's why you feel like all your make up has come off in just one light wipe. Voila!

But then Loreal and Garnier saw their new business venture and saved us all burning a hole in our pockets with their £4.99 a bottle saviour. So far not many beauty bloggers out there have been able to distinguish the difference between the three, or some just prefer the Garnier or Loreal one over each other without giving us viewers any explanation as to why. Also of course leaving the minor grumpy few (including me) who favour Bioderma over the others after catching slight but unaffected differences. Now that's a whole separate topic which I will go on to discuss in a separate blog post, if anyone at all is interested. 

Of course, it was the biggest thing on youtube and the blogging world with my home feeds taking up the smiling faces of beauty bloggers next to their brand spanking new - and much cheaper - micellar water. Horaay! Finally, we all chanted. However, the plethora of micellar water reviews I have come across all share the same complaint. The dispense system of the Loreal one means that too much product comes out. I will go as far as to say that we are wasting 60% more solution each and every time we try to ever so carefully drop some of that liquid onto our cotton pads, flannels, muslin cloths or whatever strange things we use these days. 

By now I have probably left you gagging for the packaging fix after this very broken promise of a short intro, let me just put in a SKIP sign for those not interested in this intro.

SKIP INTRO this way ladies...

Everytime I use mine I find myself looking for ways to stop the dispense system being so generous on my cotton pad and grumble about how quickly I am going through a whole bottle when I could be using my Bioderma one (but then I don't want to shell out on £31.99 again) or my Garnier one (which isn't as good as the Loreal one, stop right there, WHY you ask? Well I don't know, I really don't know yet, but when I find the answer to that I shall be sure to post about it, scream about it, run around yelling about it. Until then, here's my solution to the too generous Loreal dispenser. 

Instead of waiting and waiting for Loreal to listen to us beauty bloggers, after the hundreds of complaints surely Loreal would have responded by now? Non? So I thought it was about time I took matters into my own hands as. Well, here it is...

It's simple really, I used TWO cotton pads. So when I Loreal decides to be really generous I stay economic and save time by using two pads, one on top of the other before dispensing. I am holding the two over a candle light to show you the results. Judging by the picture I am probably accurate in saying that we are wasting 60% more product by using one pad. By doing this I can use both on my face and achieve the same result as using one, also it's less sloppy and heavy with all that solution getting absorbed.

If you tried this let me know what you think.

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