Products with Nobody to Sing their Praise | CREAM BLUSH

by - 28 August

I believe that there are billions of hidden gems out here in on this planet that have no hope of ever being noticed. Now, when we narrow this down to the beauty world there are products that will disappoint, expensive products, cheap products, products that everyone will rave about even if they aren't quite sure of it themselves.

I've put together products that I think are fantastic and don't get the publicity they deserve and in this post I am starting with the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Coral Reef. I was immediately attracted to the bright colour of this blush as I usually tend to draw towards light pinks and coral shimmers. It was around the spring summer 2014 No Make Make up look craze and I wanted a very natural yet snow white flush to go with my no make up look.

Starting with my very bright Revlon cream blush for this post. This has received a lot of criticism due to its lack of consistency but I find that due it it being a creamy formula you couldn't possibly ask for it to get anymore pigmented.

I have made very thick swatches but I think due to the amount of product you are given for the money (£7.99) compared to other cream blushes like Max Factor's it's only fair to have to use this much.

I'm going to show you one thick swatch in the following photographs blended out the way I would do on my cheeks.

Here I've blended one of the blobs from the first picture to show you how well this colour blends to create a natural red flush.

Here I've splattered on another swatch...

...and then blended it in too.
Now image this on your face! Tell me what you think of Revlon's highly controversial cream blush. As a well loved make up brand who rarely fails to provide quality Revlon seems to disappoint on this.

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