Should Victoria's Secret be Scrutinised for their Perfect "Body" Campaign?

by - 31 October

Victoria's Secret Body Collection Campaign
It is no surprise to us that lingerie brands, modeling agencies and clothing brands seek more than just a coat hanger. They want beautiful faces held high on a slim 5'8 body curving in all the right places to market their products. In truth, that is what has always been and will always be no matter the campaigns for plus size models. Just as sex sells, so do beautiful slim models that make other women feel that they are not up to standard. Get over it.

What Victoria's Secret have done with their Perfect "Body" Campaign is promote their  Body collection with the word "Perfect" at the front of it. This is like me promoting my collection of "Discussion" posts with the words 'Perfect "Discussion"' minus a pun. Luckily, there was no offensive pun caught up in my example, but in the case of Victoria's Secret, there was. 

This advert is giving its consumers the idea that they will have the perfect looking 'body' if they buy from the Body collection. It's all about what you wear underneath that make impact on your final outfit. Imagine a balconette bra under your jersey t-shirt, that's not going to work, which is why VS have come up with the Body collection.

Victoria's Secret "Body" Collection is also available in larger band sizes. 32 - 38 inches.
Huge disclaimer! I am in no way stating that it is ok to promote an idea of a perfect body to anyone. I am simply discussing the outrage this campaign has sparked and why I think it is outrageous in itself. You are welcome to join the discussion.

Every company wants to represent themselves in the best way possible and for one thing only. Sales. They want their consumers to enjoy the service and this includes eye candy. It is not a secret that humans love to look at a beautiful girl in beautiful lingerie and imagine themselves in that lace bra and undies believing they would look as sexy as the poster girl. As I said before, beautiful people sell well in the world of business.

Why is it that a lingerie brand that has been promoting their beautiful lingerie on an already formed idea of the "perfect body" all these years is suddenly under fire for an intended or unintended pun in their campaign. You could argue that they manage to just so coincidently market their Body collection as "perfect" leaving aside their other collections. 

You could also look at it in another way, the company have unintentionally sent out a wrong message. At the end of the day we all, with quiet acceptance, acknowledge this idea of the perfect body every single day. Marketing is everywhere.

Posted by @DearKates who has "reimagined" the campaign in response. But what about the following picture...
Posted by @Ritzaheer. Isn't rivalling the smaller models in the campaign body shaming them back?
Often we attempt to battle against it by introducing plus size rival models and other times we can go a little bit too far and offend women - even models - who are struggling to maintain their weight. See the recent song All About That Bass by a new artist on the scene Meghan Trainor to see what I'm talking about. We have now come to the point of attacking each other when what we should be doing is scraping the whole 'real woman' as much as 'thigh gaps'.


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  1. Great post...and interesting points! I do feel they could have presented a more varied range of models of differing shapes and sizes, but (big but) I don't necessarily feel overweight (or underweight people for that matter) should be included just to avoid causing offence. At the end of the day, the so-called 'perfect' body should be a healthy one, whether that includes curves or not...a healthy body doesn't necessarily mean super skinny. Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. I so agree with your point Danielle. I don't believe there should be an idealistic type of body that is approved by a certain industry or even society. Thanks for stopping by x