Bad Business For Forever 21 & Non-Existent Returns Policy

by - 01 January

When Forever 21 opened it's plastic barbie-pink doors in 2010 it beckoned us with its overlit chandeliered interior. Customers gravitated towards the candy coloured garments and jewellery that blindingly sparkled under the lights. It welcomed us to America's fast fashion store.

It seems "John 3:16" wasn't the only thing they were concealing at the bottom of their bags. A prominent fashion store acting as Jesus's affiliate? Now that's a first. As a non-regular shopper you'd be slapped with their strict return/exchange policy or should I say, non-existent return policy? Yes, I'm talking about that now not so glittery top in your sensibly lit bedroom. You're stuck with it!

Below I reveal the Can I Return It Test that has been tried and tested on more than one occasion by real people. Notice the masses of Yahoo Answers' and The Student Room Forums' anguish over Forever21 ruthless return policy? Well there's a reason it just keeps growing.

Can I Return It Test

I don't have the tag on, but I've got the receipt and I only just bought it yesterday. Can I return it?
Cashier runs the garment over a full inspection under the blinding light but still has to confirm its pristine condition is real by disrupting the cashier next to her. Once satisfied by it's condition she then gives me a hard time about why the garment no longer has a tag. 
I accidentally tugged at it and your precious paper tag came off!

I have the tag on and got the receipt but it's one day past your 21 day return policy. Can I return OR exchange it?
Cashier scans the garment and explains that I can exchange it for the new sale price it went down to and not the original price paid shown on receipt. I regrettably agree and pick out another top, take it to the till then change my mind. Cashier gets annoyed and scrunches up my top and slides it at me aggressively. Complained to manager. Manager watched the CCTV back and says she only "passed" the top back. I thought it was only customary that a cashier neatly folds the garment and offers to bag it. Not the case for Forever 21. Then manager patronises me by stating that cashier offered the exchange at the lower sale price "as a gesture of goodwill". If that's goodwill in Forever 21's eyes, I'd hate to see bad will.

I have tags on but have lost the receipt. Can I exchange it?
Cashier asks for date and method of purchase. I give her a rough estimate. She scans the garments and tries to track down when they were purchased. Er, I'm sorry but haven't 500 people purchased this too? It's not like the barcodes to the same jumper are individual. She claims to find no record of it being purchased. Stifling my laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation I ask if I can exchange this for garments of higher value. She says no. I was prepared to spend an extra £20.75.

(All of these incidents have been reported to have occurred at the Birmingham Bullring store within the last 2 years.)

Shrinking in Shame

The title said 'Bad Business' for a reason. Considering both it's merciless return policy and appalling customer service it's no surprise that their biggest store in the UK had to discreetly downsize. Making a £66.5m pre-tax loss. Though the loss is not completely to be blamed on sales, its financial indiscretion is not looking good for the glitzy company.

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