Read This If You Hate Wearing Bras

by - March 18, 2015

I've never got on with bras, and for a girl with boobs that are just always in the way a bra is a necessity. It's like having a horrible aunt for a guardian but you know you'll need her till you're old enough to look after yourself. Except, the thought that needing a bra for the rest of my life makes me - and my boobs - feel caged. Pun intended.

In this post I aim to solve common bra problems. I call them common because they really are common. I spent so long believing that I was the only girl in the world with these frustrations, and that I should just learn to get used to bras. That I was an anomaly who'd happened to have missed out on the 'getting used to' period in that tween phase of wearing a dainty training bra in excitement no matter how odd and uncomfortable it felt. I remember getting my first bra and thinking that it was the coolest thing ever. So why had I not 'got used to' wearing a bra? Why was I still in that tween period minus the excitement? 

It took me this long to realise that there was no such thing as the 'getting used to' stage. That there are millions of women out there who are itching with frustration to get home and take their bra off first thing. I took to the interweb - as you do - and did a little digging. I have to say, I didn't have to dig much. There are so many women, like me, who hate wearing bras. Many don't sleep with a bra on while others don't wear one at home. Some don't even wear a bra out, but if you're not all for #FreeTheNipple it can feel like there's no alternative.

Though it must also be noted that there are women who don't feel comfortable without wearing a bra.

Let's start by weighing out the stabbing underwires from the jersey bralettes...

Activities I cannot participate in WITHOUT a bra on:

Wear a fitted dress or top.
Walk at a regular pace.
Run up or down the stairs (ooouch).
Gracing the public, because its absolutely blindingly obvious when you are not wearing your bra.

Activities I cannot participate in WITH a bra on:

Thinking (intently)
Watching Netflix

For a long time I thought I was the only one who slept without a bra on, but I'm actually in the majority. I love my pyjamas to be slouchy and soft so why would I want a figure hugging cotton mix constraining me at night? What I don't like is caging myself in moulded cups and an underwire. I just hate the feel of something clinging to me.

Wear a Bralette

It's better than nothing and I've found that sometimes, on a good day I can lounge in them. There's so much variety in bralettes and in recent years they've become a bit of a fashion statement with people wearing them as outerwear. I like to wear my bright green lace bralette with an off-the-shoulder top during the spring. I never have to worry about hiding my bra strap.

They don't provide as much support as a regular bra but at the same time I don't always catch myself holding my boobs all the way down the stairs. I've done this so much that I often forget I'm doing it, even in public. 

Try a Soft Cup

Otherwise known as 'lightly lined' in many shops and are usually wireless. Ever had that, my - boobs - can't - breathe feeling? Don't get me started on sweltering in the summer. These are usually made from cotton and are very lightly padded.

Go Wireless - or invisible wires

Those wires can be notorious. They can sometimes cause bruising to the breast tissue. If a soft cup won't do you and you really need the support of a wire try Gossard's invisible wire. I recently discovered the popular brand and had one of those 'where have you been hiding all this time' moments as I jumped up and down in front of the mirror - obviously to test the 'shock resistance'. The brand have a line with what they call 'wireless technology' without compromising on the wired support. They have a slightly larger and thicker underband. I bought the push up and it's really smoothing under a t-shirt.

Victoria's Secret 'Body' Collection

Had to give the glamorous brand a section all to itself and quite deservingly so. Victoria's Secret's Body Collection is stunning and unbelievably comfortable. 

I've never felt fabric quite like it. They have a weightless, buttery, barely-there feel to them. They even have wired, softly wired (very bendy wire) and non-wired options. 

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