Soap & Glory Fab & Pore Face Mask and Peel | REVIEW

by - April 12, 2015

Though this is a popular product, I couldn't stop myself from making a review here. Especially as I recorded my experience with the mask in real time, it just seemed such a shame not to share my thoughts on one of the most popular drugstore masks. 

Face masks are the one skincare product I can change very often without disrupting my skincare routine. A good wind down is never good enough without a mask working away at my face. So on Friday night I pasted on this green mess  and here is my mini real time review below.

First Impressions - Packaging, Look, Scent, Texture

It's a tinier pot than what can be imagined in the stock photo and comes in a matte, slightly rubberised white finish that would easily fall prey to dirty hands. Looks very plain and clinical compared to the brand's usually exciting packaging. 

As soon as it's opened, a strong minty fresh scent escapes from the pot. Due to it's concentrated consistency, it's definitely not easy to spread over the face. It's like rubbing dry-moist cement onto a dry surface you have to spread carefully and instantly I feel a tingling sensation. I love the feeling of a product working on my skin. It begins to calm down after a few seconds, but I guess that's just the mask working it's magic.

On My Face

I'm tapping this note away on my Evernote app at 11:31pm half an hour into my face mask and I'm feeling a cool tingling. I wear masks well over the recommended time. This is definitely not an uncomfortable face clay mask. Not the ones you have to restrain yourself from smiling or even worse, laughing from. I don't want to get this off I'm enjoying the feeling.

Off My Face - Mask & Peel? What Peel?

Right time to take it of. I've rubbed the product off with my hands instead of a muslin cloth under luke warm water as I knew it wouldn't be too stubborn to lift and the micro-beads would exfoliate my face enough. A lot of reviewers commented on the fact that they were under the impression that it was a peel of mask. It is more of a clay mask to peel hybrid. Though I think what they're trying to sell here is the dead skin peeling off? I'm not quite sure, do let me know in the comments below.

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