3 Life Lessons I've Learnt From Yoga

by - May 17, 2015

Love & Appreciation

I have learnt to love. It may seem like a funny thing, how can you never have known how to love? But I have never loved myself and appreciated the things in my life as much as I do now in the height of my yoga practice. Before taking yoga classes I mixed yoga with my usual cardio and strength training routine which meant that it mainly focused on how many calories I can burn and eating clean as my main goal. Exercise gave me the impression that I could only love myself if my legs were buzzing from a high impact workout. With yoga, it is a completely different story. It is not incentivised love. It is unconditional love. No matter how many times I get a pose wrong, I will still love myself and appreciate my health.

Setting the room up at Barefoot Birmingham for Candlelit Yoga


I have found a kind of peace I've never quite managed before. I have learnt that peace can be found among utter chaos just as happiness can be found even in the most darkest of times. I no longer seek to control my life. Instead I have dared to experiment with what will happen if I just let go. If I let go and allowed myself to run late for an event. If I let go and let my brother play video games for a whole afternoon. If I just let go and allowed myself to laze about on a Sunday afternoon. 

I've discovered that there is so much angst in life that we can easily be relieved of if we just let go.

I have trained myself to think 'well what if I didn't do what I think I should do'. I try it, and with that follows a peace I never thought I could have

Be a child again

Being 22 I've felt forced to pretend to be an adult and shut down the child in me. Yoga has taught me that it is necessary to retain the child in you to be a successful adult. Hello, Child's Pose and Happy Baby (Rock-a-Bye-Roll). I would do other childish poses before taking up yoga classes such as lye on the sofa upside down with my legs in the air looking up at the ceiling and pretend to be walking on the ceiling. I've also always been doing a shoulder stand never realising it was already a yoga pose. I love that yoga lets me be a child again.

I have agonised about not knowing what I was going to be "when I grow up". It turned out I already knew what I wanted to be and that is all the things I am today. It's taught me that my childish aspirations should never been thrown away for a corporate 9-to-5. Yoga lets me be who I already am, not who I should be.

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