6 Little Ways to Feel Happy Instantly

by - January 11, 2016

It's normal to feel down, but it's not normal to feel down all the time. 

As someone who has been dealing with Low Mood for some time I feel that this is the right time to introduce a topic which has for so long been pushed to the slush pile.

Since the amazing response received from my Waiting For Happiness article last year it is only fitting for me to share some tips on ways you can instantly lift your mood and feel happier in no time. 

Create your sanctuary

Keeping at least one space clean and tidy will declutter your mind. We carry so much baggage in our minds that sometimes it all gets a bit too much. Maybe this could be a place you spend most of your time. For most of us this is our bedroom. Even if you can't keep it all tidy, aim to keep one section of it tidy.
I left a book by my bed everyday before work knowing that the first place I'd come to after work was my bed. Indeed when I came home I'd look at that book waiting to be read and think "oh how I love my life." Yes, I'm really that crazy about books. 

15-20 minutes of Yoga

Yoga enables you to be most aware of yourself and your present surroundings. The deep breathing lets you inhale the happy and exhale the sad. 
When I feel most distressed, tired or unable to sleep, I resort to yoga. I still don't know what it is about yoga that puts me at ease with the world. When I do, I promise I'll let you know.


Surround yourself with people. Use every excuse under the sun to be around people. We are social creatures and we thrive on socialising, introverts included!
  • Make conversation with the cashier at the supermarket.
  • Join a local Meet Up for people interested in the same things as you. Right from books to films, tech and fashion.
  • Purposely arrive early to your yoga class just for a catch up

Give yourself a focus

Do something new you think you might enjoy. If you fail, move onto something else.  
Baking (I love mixing batter, it's so soothing to my mind)
Painting or Colouring (take a look at this anti-stress colouring book)
DIY - Try Pinterest and DIY blogs through Bloglovin' for inspiration
Zumba/Pilates/Yoga/Dance (google your local class)
Paint that old chair

By giving yourself a project, you are letting your mind focus on something other than that seemingly irrevocable despair.

Look at animals

They're living breathing mammals going about their day just like us. The difference is that they don't have the mental capability to have toxic thoughts. Watching how harmonious animals are amongst each other puts me at peace. Go to a farm or zoo or even look up viral cat videos and happy animal pictures.

Next week we'll be discussing 3 Ways to TRICK your brain into happiness. Leave your mood boosters in the comments below.

Photo Credit Morgan Sessions

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