4 Ways To Apply Bold Lipstick WITHOUT Lipliner

by - February 01, 2016

When buying a new lipstick I find that I am always either looking to buy a new lip liner that matches or using the next best thing (which is usually a shade lighter). Here are some other ways you can get perfectly shaped lips.

Lip brush 

The first one is the obvious lip brush. This one has got to be the best because it's reusable and allows you to get the exact lipstick shade. First draw the colour around your lips and take it inwards. This also means longer lasting lipstick. 

Patting Method

This one's good for when you're in a rush and don't have the necessary tools. Pat pat pat your lipstick lightly on your lips. This allows you to have some sort of an outline so you don't colour over your lips.

Use a tinted lip balm first

By doing this you're not only adding moisture to allow the matte lipstick to glide perfectly but you're also creating an outline.

Lipstick-lipgloss hybrid

These are lipsticks made in lipgloss packaging and apply beautifully matte, if not better than an actual lipstick. The stick applicator is a precision dream for perfectionists. These are my favourite types of lipstick and a lot of brands are now starting to bring them out. I prefer Bourjois. In the video I am using the colour 02 Flambourjois. The consistency of these lipsticks are creamy, so pigmented and very light on the lips. It's hard to believe they're actually real.

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