7 Signs You Might Be A Minimalist

by - March 08, 2016

Photo Credit Fiona Lynch

You think there's no other colour better than white, you often move objects off other people's messy desks with your eyes and you could have sworn you had a nightmare about throw pillows. Yes that's right you might already be a minimalist.

Before my minimalist awakening I'd adopt minimalist habits without realising. I thought it was just me, and I was right. Minimalism is just me. Not a fad or a cult. Just an expression of me.

See if any of these make you twitch:

Spotted at Home Designing
1 Your favourite colour is unfinished plywood.
After replacing my bedroom door I was all set with my white Dulex until I stood there staring at the beauty of that unfinished plywood and did not dare smear it with paint.

Spotted at Founterior

2 You want to grab a sleeping bag and nest in any rustic building.
Rustic restaurants, bars, offices ah can I just move in please?

3 You hide clutter in draws and storage boxes.

4 Too many objects on a surface make you rage.

5 You have a favourite shade of white.

Seriously, I think this is actually a thing.

Spotted at Fortikur

6 You have hanging organisers for shoes/accessories/etc.

Everything must go to their allotted homes.

7 You scour Ikea until there's nothing left to see.

How have you adopted minimalism? Comment below or tweet me.
Found that you're not a minimalist after all? Each to their own.
Still keen? Here's how to be one.

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