An App For Long Distant Couples

by - 08 March

Aside from writing and making videos I've also been undertaking a secret project that I'm now letting you in on.

I'm launching an app called Closer Than for long distant couples to interact with each other in real time. How exciting!

I know only too well what distance feels like when separated from a loved one. After using many of the apps out there including Skype to keep in touch, there was always something missing. Physical presence.

What? How is it even remotely possible to emulate physical presence in an app? I hear you say. Let me introduce you to Closer Than's flagship feature Heartbeat. 

When you press your finger tip to your phone's camera lens Heartbeat sends your beating heart to your partner LIVE. They'll hear it beating wherever they are, and you'll hear theirs too! Take a look at the screen below.

Image Source

Time zones apart? No worry. Syncing Clock will notify you both when you're both mutually free. 
- Simply add your time zone
- Sync your iCloud or Google Calendar (or manually input your busy times)
And you're done. 

Very rough draft of Syncing Clock
The pie chart looking clock shows your partner's busy times and FREE times.
- A section of the clock will glow red for the hours you and your partner are mutually free.
- Everyday your clock is refreshed to show times when your partner is busy and when you're both free.
- Screens on the left show you what the set up screen looks like. You'll both sync your busy calendars or time zones so the clock can calculate when you'll both be free.

How many times have you sent an instant message to your partner with them responding minutes later? How many times have they sent you a funny video only for you to notice when the joke's over? With Closer Than, you can say enough to scattered instant messages and scheduled Skype calls. The whole point of instant messaging is INSTANT. Closer Than will allow you a few moments in the day for the intimacy of Heartbeat with the help of Syncing Clock.

And that's not all, check out the website to learn about the many other features

How can I get it?

The app is not out yet and I haven't got a specific date for it. Become a tester of the app by joining our Facebook group where you can receive news and updates. All testers will receive the app FREE FOREVER.
You'll also get to use the app long before it's released on the app store.
(You can also receive updates by signing up to our mailing list here)

How much does it cost?

The app will cost from £0.69-£2.99 on a subscription basis for premium version (includes Heartbeat). Become a tester and receive the app FREE FOREVER.

Is it available on Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry?

I'm launching on iOS first, then Android and later other operating systems depending on demand.

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