How To Practice Mindfulness and be a Positive Person

by - August 04, 2016

To a lot of people mindfulness is associated with scantily-clad hippies on a remote field humming in the open air. This concept automatically makes mindfulness inaccessible to the average person when it should be something we all practice. 

To me mindfulness is the secret to happiness. I wrote a while ago about how I finally discovered happiness after years of failing. I didn't know it then but I discovered the secret by inadvertently practicing mindfulness which was what made that post such a hit with you guys. Click here to read it.

Everyone is on this constant search for happiness and are along the way fed by the message that happiness will come when you count your blessings, call a friend, spend time with family etc etc etc. 

Mindfulness helps you put all that into practice and most importantly enables you to be happy right now. Have you ever looked back on a section of your life and thought "gosh I was really happy back then, I wish I'd appreciated it more."
Trust me you'll look back on this moment in your life in years to come and think the same.

Quit trying to be happy

Mindfulness allows you to be a more positive person cutting out the cheesy American way of waking up in the morning to proclaim at the top of your lungs that "TODAY IS GOING TO BE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!"

Mindfulness allows you to have a beautiful day without the constant preoccupation with happiness that can be counterproductive and bring you down. When you obsess over being happy and try to control your emotions it can work against you leading to a series of "why cant I just be happy?" 

Being mindful does not mean you should be robotically indifferent to negative emotions nor is it about being happy all the time. Accept the moment you're in without seeking to resist or control it. 

Acknowledge those negative emotions like a storm. Accept that you can't control them but you can control your outlook. A gust of wind can blow your hair out of place but know that it can't break you. If you seek to control the weather you will fail.

View yourself in the 3rd person

Have you ever had that bad day feeling where one bad thing happens after another? That's because you let yourself be victim to the storm. Close your eyes, go outside yourself and observe your emotions like a third person. Don't react to or stimulate the negative emotions which may escalate them. It can be hard to remove yourself from the incessant showers of thoughts we all have on the daily but with practice you'll soon become good at this.

Focus your energy on the present

Whatever you give your energy to, it will grow and become bigger than what it actually is. I learnt this concept from an amazing book by Rhonda Bryne called The Secret. She talks heavily about how the law of attraction works to give us exactly what we want. By focusing on your lack of everlasting happiness you're shifting your mind to focus to that pain point in your life. That negativity will feed on more negativity and that is all you will attract to your life. Focus your energy on making the best you can out of your present situation.

People underestimate the power of the mind and what it can do for us. your mind has the power to change your circumstances no matter how dim and far out of reach of your dreams seem. Mindfulness simply makes use of the super power you were born with. 

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