How To Declutter Your Make Up | Minimalism

by - September 05, 2016

My make up has been the subject of much discussion since I started posting about my now simplistic lifestyle on YouTube so I thought I should address it. A lot of people mistake minimalism to be uniform. Not everyone will have less than you when it comes to makeup, clothes, jewellery, or even art equipment. Minimalism should work around your life. Are you a photographer? Then keep all the camera lenses you need to create the perfect shoot. Are you a makeup artist? Then it's ok for you to have a suitcase full of make up for happy clients.

Now I'm not a make up artist but make up comes in handy to cover my acne scarring when I need it most. So that is why make up brings me value. Maybe I'll throw out most of my eyeshadows but keep my concealer and foundation. Oh and I'll also keep a few lipsticks because I love playing around with different outfits and bold lipsticks. If you've stuck around for a while you'll know how much I love a matte bold lip.

Believe it or not I don't actually wear make up but the only reason I wear make up is to cover my acne on camera. I don't wear it on the daily. Minimalism has helped me cut down on make up yes, but that doesn't mean I should cut it out altogether. I've simply culled down to the basics of what I think I need to live and be happy.

I have only one draw of make up which I've organised into dividers that I DIY'd myself using cardboard boxes from cake biscuits or cereal boxes. I intend to cover them in wrapping paper to pretty them up. Having dividers is important as not only does it keep your draw tidy making it easy to find stuff but it also makes sure you don't lose items hidden behind other items.

Some tips on culling down your collection

Lay everything out on floor and organise in product type. Pick out the products you want to keep from each section.

Get rid of badly pigmented products or stuff that don't look good on you.
- Try them on. You can sometimes judge by colour but forget formulation or attractiveness

Make habit of buying only when you run out or no longer like the current product you're using.
- If you're a beauty blogger and constantly get sent stuff keep them separate from your main collection

Decide what colours you like to wear and take note of what you don't use. 
- Prefer muted or brights? Be wary of stoking up on different shades of the same colour. I found myself with seven pink lipsticks, SEVEN!

Buy small storage boxes to discourage filling up with newer products.
- DIY your own compartments, you'll have exactly what you need plus no buying.

Now MAKE RULES and stick to them (here are mine)

- 1 Foundation 1 concealer
- 2 eyeliners (one liquid one felt tip)
- 2 eye pencils (if you like different colours set your own limit)
- 2 blushes
- 1 contour
- 1 highlight
- 1 bronzer
- 1 eyebrow product
- 3 eye palettes

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