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by - December 26, 2016

As we fast approach a new year some things are best left behind including material items. We don't realise how much of an effect material things actually have on our mental state of being. Too much clutter can affect our happiness.

'But what do I do with all this?' you ask.

It can often be so overwhelming when looking around at all the clutter you have lying around in your home that you just never bother trying. When you do have a clear out it takes up your whole weekend and even then you still haven't managed to get rid of anything.

If you've been following my minimalism journey here you'll know how relieving it is on the mind, body and soul to have a good detox. I sort of wish I had known about these seven tips way ahead in my minimalist journey. 

Pants and Bras
It's really easy to be strict with underwear as they are everyday essentials. You definitely know which ones you feel good in and reach for everyday. I got rid of a lot of my bras when realising that I only truly need three. Yes that's right. In fact I don't wear bras at all. I wear bralettes and have three of them rotating every three days. I figured it would be easy to wear one and throw it in the wash when I wear the next one rather than letting them pile in the laundry basket.

Everyone hates mismatched socks or ones with holes in them sorting out your socks will make life easier every morning. I roll my socks into each other and keep them in a basket. Watch this clip to see how it's done. 

Biscuit tin
This is the perfect way to get into the habit of throwing away out of date food. I've got to a point where my fridge is always empty but I wish I knew to start at the biscuit tin because the kitchen cupboards can be so overwhelming.

Pen pot
This is like socks. It's easier to find a working pen when you need one and you don't have to tackle your entire stationary collection. Have a rule as to how many pens or pencils you keep in your pen pot and throw out any pens that no longer work. There's nothing worse than needing to urgently take note of something before it slips your mind and not having a single pen that works.

Think about what you need your towels for (face body and hands) so only keep three and wash them after each use. Like bras it makes more sense to wash straight away than let them gather in the corner of the room.

Bed sheets
Ideally I'd love to get to a point where I'd only need one but knowing me I would spill something on them. I usually throw 3 or 4 sheets in a pile and let them collect before I wash them so there's no point in me having so many.

Scrap paper
Recycle paper or keep a box of rough paper. Paper is always lying around so whenever you see them lurking throw them in the recycling box straight away.

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