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by - 12 March

What to do when you're depressed. It's really easy for me to throw some tips at you but not nearly as easy to carry them out. After your wonderful response to my video on coping with depression I thought I'd write some more ways to push through when you can't push anymore.

I don't follow religion and my outlook is open which has meant that I've stumbled across different people and their beliefs. I've taken a lot from Islam, Christianity, Buddhism (I know this isn't a religion). One thing I have taken from Sikhism is 'Chardi Kala'. It is a mental state of optimism even through adversity. Something which I discovered long before the learning of the term Chardi Kala in my Waiting For Happiness post

What I mean to say is that happiness is not something that needs to be found or something only lucky people have. It is already there and it makes it hard for those of us that suffer from depression to know that it's there. I'm sharing a few tips on how to keep this frame of mind even when you're depressed.

Know that happiness is not gone forever

This is the first step in pushing through. You need to know that this current state of being is only temporary.

When you can't get out of bed

Depression can be just as debilitating as having no arms or legs. Try stretching, sliding your arms around in your bed. Then comes the biggest step. Sit up on your bed. For many people that is the biggest achievement.


Drink water, bath in it or wash your face in it. Streaming water is so calming or just hearing the stillness of water while I am in the bath is the most calming thing in the world. Running the tap for a glass of water is also an amazing therapy. It's the simple things.

Take deep breaths

We often forget to breathe, I know it sounds ridiculous but we do. Take deep breaths. One thing I've taken from yoga is to imagine all those thoughts being exhaled from your body.


Write down how you feel, just watching the words flow onto the paper is a release. 

Write down your achievements no matter how small you think they are. We can be so hard on ourselves especially during bouts of depression. Write 'I did some stretching' or 'I answered the phone today'.

An awesome book on depression and anxiety: Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Here's my video on more things you can do when you're depressed and post on the upside to depression. I hope this helps. Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below or tweet me.

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