How To Deal With Difficult People

by - 24 May

Don't 'deal' with them at all.

Difficult people have their own internal issues that you will never be able to fix no matter how much you try. The very fact that they're channeling their anger and trying to start an argument with you proves that.

There's a quote I really like and remind myself of when I am faced with this. I'll paraphrase. Despite how open, loving and peaceful you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves.

They're not angry at you even though it seems like that. They just need someone to vent their anger out on.

Don't let that be you by responding. Too often I have let other people's issues affect me. The secret is not to react as tempting as it may seem.

You may be blamed for something constantly but that's just their way of looking for something to be angry about their failure in life. They want to channel their misery on someone and the closest thing they can find is you. Ridiculous, I know right?

It will take some time but once you stop responding they will too. Even if they don't you have to ignore for your own mental wellbeing. I've learnt to pivot the direction of my thoughts from negative (the ones blaring out to me from the angry person) to positive. I smile. I change direction and continue my daily task as the continue their angry tirade.

At the end of the day I know they are feeling negative energy while I bask in my happiness. Your happiness is yours. Nothing can take that away. Here's something I was thinking about while standing by the sea.

Remember that you are not the problem even though it may seem like it to them on then surface. They may even criticise and berate everything that you do. That is another sign that they are unhappy with themselves.

I know it would be easy for me to say this if I'm not having to deal with angry people. But to be frank I am currently in a position where difficult people are around me. 

In fact I could never be truly happier fully knowing that I am not the problem. Isn't that just amazing? They have their own issues I know I cannot help them with, whether it be failures, rejection or jealousy. The fact that I am continuing to lead my life the amazing way I want will be an example to them.

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