How to achieve your goals in 2018

by - January 03, 2018

I've been a little quiet about my 2018 resolutions goals and I will speak more on that further down this post. As we're well into the new year I wanted to give you a little pick me up.

Set goals you actually want

This may sound explanatory but new year goals can be influenced by other people's goals or what we think our goals should be. It is important to remember that everyone is on a different path and more importantly there's no such thing as unrealistic goals. So if your real goal is to make £250,000 but you set £25,000 just to be 'realistic' you're setting yourself up for failure. If you really want something set it as your goal no matter how far fetched that dream is. It's only as further away as your mind's eye.

Write them down

Affirmations are powerful and research shows that you are fifty percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. This is because writing something down makes it legal, sets it in stone and you have to follow through. It's like a highlighter through your dreams.

Visualise them

You've got to visualise it so clearly that you believe it, even see it in the future. Keep a list of your goals on your wall or a picture of the house you want to put a deposit on next month. When you really want something and you are reminded of it everyday you increase your capacity to receive it.

Start setting things in motion now

If you don't work on them straight away you never will. You should be excited to work on them, so excited you can't wait for it to be January so you start the day you decide on them. My goal for 2017 was to write a novel. I started writing it in late 2016, as soon as I decided that was my goal.

Don't scream them off the rooftops

I know we can get a little ahead of ourselves with new year fever but when you tell everyone about your goals excitedly you're less likely to follow them through. This is not because you will 'jinx' them. Your brains sends out the same feelings to you as if you had already achieved the goals you're setting out to do. That happy chemical soon dies when you realise you haven't achieved them.

Don't approach with fear or dread

A lot of people approach their new year goals with dread. People count the last few days before they have to quit smoking or start exercising. If your goal is to be eat healthy you need to remove all the temptations from your sight. Throw out all the leftover Christmas chocolates. Whatever you resists becomes bigger. Focus on the positive side (the goal of being healthy) rather than seeing it as a negative. The more you resist and fight you attract more of what you are fighting. Why make it harder on yourself to follow through with your healthy eating goal when you can easily make it easy?

You will come to realise that achieving your seemingly hard to reach goals aren't actually that hard. I'm going to leave you with an extract from a book I have been reading recently called The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein:

'Many people have chosen, consciously or not, to lean towards fear. In some way, we get lost in the story that pain has purpose, or we buy into the belief that a meaningful life requires struggle. These limiting beliefs can have devastating consequences.'

I have chosen to be quiet about my goals as I no longer want to have to resist or fight the people that wince at my huge aspirations for 2018. I have big goals. I always have and have always followed through with them. For the people that shrink at your big goals it is a reflection of their own limitations, not yours. If your goal is to become a TV presenter, tell it to an unemployed relative and they'll laugh at you, choose to tell that dream to a current TV presenter and they will go out of their way to give you advice.

Happy new year.

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