How to Live Powerfully

by - January 26, 2018

I talk about living powerfully a lot on my socials but what does it actually mean to live powerfully? To live powerfully is to know how to be happy. To live powerfully is to be grateful, to nourish the mind and body. To live powerfully you have to let go. Let go of everything that was holding you back, negativity, toxic people, ideals, societal norms, what you think you should do, be and act. Living powerfully is to live with intention, to be conscious, to get to know yourself and most importantly to live the life of your dreams.

Ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’ 

This question will reveal a lot and help you cut down on things that are making you miserable and in turn powerless. Really ask yourself why you are doing something as obvious as the initial answer sounds don’t stop there, dig deeper. When wearing bras were making me feel uncomfortable I would routinely ask myself why I was putting myself through the torture. My answers were ‘to support my boobs’, or ‘bras make outfits look nicer’. It was when I got to the answer ‘because I have to’ the truth became clear. I was wearing bras because society told me to.

We blindly follow the crowd even when we don’t realise it. Think about the hundreds of decisions you’ve made without even a second thought. Do you really need a dishwasher or a phone upgrade? Do you really want this job? Do you really have to clean the windows every week?

Get rid of things that no longer serve you

It sounds crazy to think that a glass vase on your kitchen counter can make you miserable, but it’s true. Studies have shown that a cleaner space means a cleaner mind. 

The more you declutter the objects in your life you really don’t need the lighter you will feel. Read my minimalism series here and watch my minimalism series on youtube.

Don’t try to control your life

You don’t have to believe that everything happens for a reason or that when one door closes another one opens. But when you treat a setback like a detour to something even greater, magical things will await you.

When we go with the flow of life we feel don’t feel restless or stressed, instead we allow a stream of consciousness to enter, we can hear our heart, we can feel that gut feeling stronger than ever before. When you understand that there are some things you simply cannot control, like the weather, and that there’s no point complaining about it, you will be free.

Learn to stop stressing

Once you know the damaging effects that stress can have on you, you will take active steps to stop stressing.

When a new situation comes up that stresses us, this could be a scary decision to move cities (like it was for me), our mind goes back to its library of information to find a time when you felt this stressed before so that it can tell you how to react. The problem is if you always reacted to stress negatively you will continually do this until you take conscious steps to change something. I often tell myself, ‘if it won’t matter in five years’ time don’t spend five minutes stressing about it.’

Your mind then chooses to react the exact way as all those other times, by stressing and making the wrong decision.  Your mind goes into that primal state of fight or flight to escape the situation in some way or another. Reprogramming your mind not to take that ill-fated route is a skill that can take years to master and unfortunately for many people it is a beautiful thing that is never even realised.

Learn to pivot from negative thoughts, feelings and people

It amazes me how many people go about their day in a negative haze. They stub their toe in the morning and feel grumpy about it, then they get splashed by muddy rainwater on their way to work and rage about it and the trail goes on. The worst type of people are the ones who spew negative words at others.

I have learnt to pivot the direction of my thoughts when something negative happens or when a negative person steps my way. I won’t let someone else’s bad energy affect my bliss. I won’t even allow time to pity them on how powerlessly they are living.

It is a powerful feeling to know that nothing anyone can try to do to you can ever affect you.

Don’t be angry

Harbouring anger and bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer. Of course, anger is a normal human emotion and we should allow ourselves to feel it. When you look beyond the situation you can find a way to console yourself.

Don’t try and control your feelings 

It is not normal to be happy all the time. That can be exhausting. The happiest people are those who don’t see happiness as their end goal. Meditation has allowed me to do this. When meditating I allow my feelings to stream and observe them as if I were in the third person. I honour my feelings and that in turn allows me to honour myself and feel lighter. In this video I go into detail on how to do this.

If it scares you, do it

It is only when we do things that scare us that we truly grow and more than anything have the time of our lives. If it scares you, do it. I promise you that you will thank yourself later.

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