4 Journaling Prompts for Morning and Night plus FREE PRINTABLE

by - March 16, 2018

I love journaling. There's something therapeutic about writing down your thoughts. Today's post is a special one. It includes a free downloadable and printable copy of my very own morning and night journaling prompts.

These prompt are so simple but so effective in my productivity and in manifesting my goals into reality. I love to slow time, live in the moment and to truly appreciate the here and now. I do this through journaling morning and night. This enables me to do something today for a better tomorrow.

I have recently finished reading Brendon Burchard's The Motivation Manifesto. It is a poetically written book to live powerfully to achieve your big dreams. While reading that book I found myself journaling a lot more than I used to and which has now inspired this post and free printable for you. I hope you enjoy this and that it brings great value to your life.

After you've downloaded you may want a little guidance in filling the lines out. So below you will find my responses to the prompts from the last 24 hours. I hope this inspires you.

What would make today great? (think simple)
- To go with the flow of my heart's desires (to me this means that I must lead with the heart in my           projects today).

Daily affirmation. I am… (just the one! e.g. worthy of great things, physically strong, confident)
- I am strong.

Have I felt grateful for this day and its opportunities? (list three things you are grateful for today)
1 The book I've been sinking into (which is currently Me Before You by Jojo Moyes).
2 My bed
3 The 20 minutes extra I had this morning to simply do nothing.

What can I do to make tomorrow better?
- Not pressure myself into getting tasks done straight away.

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