Are you sabotaging your dreams? 4 Steps to Align With Your Dreams

by - March 03, 2018

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A lot of people sabotage their dreams by limiting themselves. What we think of ourselves and how far we can go in life can be attributed to our environmental factors. The good news is that most of our potential to live our dream life, whether that be driving a Bentley or living in a beach house, starts from the mind. In today's posts I'm sharing tips that can enable you to overcome your limitations and live the life of your dreams.

A lot of people hold limiting beliefs about the maximum salary they can attain or how strong and resilient their body can be with the effects of exercise. They simply accept their current reality and continue to be a victim of their circumstances. The worst types are the people who blame others for their misfortunes or believe that successful people are that way because they must be corrupt or just got lucky. Devastatingly, this kind of thinking is self-destructive, often beyond repair.

To remove yourself from the victim mindset you must at first allow yourself to dream, and secondly, and most importantly, believe and believe some more, irrevocably and unconditionally. One of my favourite quotes regarding belief is 'those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.' This was quoted by Gabrielle Bernstein who quoted from A Course in Miracles.

You don't have to be religious to have self-belief. Having faith in yourself trains your brain to be alert for any opportunity that can bring you closer to your dream. Here are a few tips on training your mind to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Step one: Be clear

Be clear on what it is that you want and declare it as if it will definitely come true. Instead of saying 'I want to be a published author' say 'I will publish my novel and it will make it to Amazon's top 10'.

When you be clear on exactly what you desire, your mind instantly seeks out tools to become primed in finding opportunities for you to come closer to that dream. You begin to look for ways to find time to write, read and become inspired.

Step two: What is limiting me?

What limiting beliefs are holding me back? Ask yourself these questions to gain further clarity and to enable you to release these toxins out of your system. Is it inadequacy, not being an expert in the field, lack of funds or having too many projects to focus on? Find out what exactly is holding you back and resolve to find ways to solve it.

Step three: Proclaim that you already are/have

Whatever it is you want proclaim that you already have it or are already living it. You could say 'I will heal from these limiting beliefs. I already feel like an entrepreneur/I already feel the abundance of a million dollars/I already know what it feels like to be published.'

Step four: Commit to your dream

'I commit to do everything that produces and satisfies that feeling of...being a published author/TV presenter/running a clothing company. I will write every single day as if I definitely will be published. I will sell and curate my business as if I am already trading.'

And finally,

Opportunity only comes when you prepare for it. When you believe you are not worthy of something you won't receive it. When you feel the scarcity of something you fall into the poverty trap: your bank account, your lack of job promotion, food, clothes, books, anything. How you feel towards something determines what energy you release and in turn your focus.

When you are driven to act in scarcity by refusing to coach another person to rise up in fear that they will ascend you, the more you descend. When you believe in the abundance of all good things and have relentless faith in yourself you are safe in the knowledge that you will ascend to greater planes. Environmental, socio and economic factors play a huge part in keeping people where they are. The tragedy is that many people don't understand that a simple shifting of their mind can change everything.

The people who have come from great levels of poverty to riches aren't lucky. They believed they were worthy and that there is abundance of all good things. 

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