On becoming a conscious human and reclaiming my freedom

by - June 11, 2018

I have been drip feeding my realisations as a conscious human on my Instagram page so it is only fitting that I put them all together here on my blog. I love writing poetically on my journey on becoming spiritually aligned with my true self. This is a place where I can share all the matters of my heart with you.

We are not warriors

One of my biggest realisations as a conscious human was that I must assess not react. A lot of us go about life in warrior mode touching to the primal instincts we no longer need. Since we no longer need to react instantly for survival by running from a wild boar it is insanity that we should expend the same amount of energy this takes on the small stuff. Examples of going about life in warrior mode include reacting instantly to anything that produces negative or uncomfortable feelings. When someone says something that offends you or if you happen to stub your toe, it doesn’t make sense to react with the same feelings our sapien ancestors would have when in mortal danger, but we do. We seem to think that we will be happier and powerful if we react to negativity with our own negativity. You will only attract back what you give out. To be happy, to be truly joyous, we must let go of warrior mode which only fuels ego.

Most importantly, it is not enough to ignore negative feeling, in fact, it is dangerous. I learnt that in order to rise to joy I must accept feelings of fear, resentment or anger. I must then honour that feeling, forgive myself and begin again. In my early days, and even now sometimes it really helps for me to recite aloud my carefully written faith statement:

'I honour you for how you feel. I have so much compassion for where you are in this moment.'

Forgiving myself

The biggest step to becoming conscious is by practicing compassion for yourself. When you don’t let go of negative feelings you are living a mindless life pushed, like that of a tumbleweed, by every bump and scratch and forever powerless. Remember that letting go of a feeling is left more painful and almost impossible to do if you don’t at first honour the feeling. By simply recognising it as a legitimate feeling equal to that of happiness you open your heart to joy.

I beat myself up about stepping out of my conscious alignment but I then realise that to step back in I must forgive myself. For this I have another powerful affirmation:

'I recognise that I have chosen wrongly, I forgive this thought, and I choose again. I choose love.'


Love conquers all and overcomes all obstacles as the ancient roman poet Vigil claims. We think of love as an all consumptive feeling confined only to our relationships. Instead love is everywhere like that of the free open air, ready to be accepted into your heart whenever you decide you want to feel it. It is important to continually feel love for all things. Feel love for the universe, for God or whatever you believe in. It is the people who love the least that need our love the most. When we stop feeling love, feelings of resentment, fear and anger creep in. That is the pollution of the world, all the wars and hatred are simply an outward reflection of an inner pollution. The inner pollution of people not taking responsibility for their own inner peace.

Be here, now

'Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live' - Eckhart Tolle

I became conscious as soon as I noticed myself trying to hurry past the seemingly insignificant or mundane aspects of life. I filled my everyday with distraction from real life. Whiling away time on the train with a rubbish magazine or the coffee I was chugging down to curb the tiredness were all mindless actions.

Whiling away time isn’t the only time waster. Instantly reacting to every text, notification or alarm we float aimlessly. By reacting instead of observing and being present in the moment despite how ‘mundane’ this moment may seem we are checking out of our lives. We peer gape-mouthed into other people’s show reels while we’re still in our ‘behind the scenes’. We allow other people to dictate how we feel by reacting to their hate with hate. We allow the bad weather we know we have no control over to keep us from a road trip. Unconscious humans will forever react, never stopping to assess, never stopping to enjoy the scenic view of the detour that the inconvenient road works take them in. If we checked in with ourselves we would actualise our dreams. If we checked back into our lives we’d be living it.

Living consciously means to live powerfully, to have a life that you are the director of, to have dreams that you are the dreamer of and to be the master of your fate and destiny.

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