How I end my day | The night time routine for calm and success

by - August 08, 2018

It is just as important to end the day right as it is to start it. Morning habits are essential to a successful day but a structured night time routine is just as important if not more.

I write a list of things to do the next day 

There's only so much time in the morning to structure your day. When you write a list of things you need to do the next day you are letting your mind rest with assurance that the following day is taken care of before it has even begun. You get rid of those scattering late night thoughts before they start. In the morning we wake up and need time to adjust. Having a list helps me feel calm about taking my time to get ready without that feeling of uncertainty or needing to do something straight away.

Brush and cleanse always

I can never have a well rested night without brushing my teeth and cleansing. The cleanser I have been loving is Purity by Philosophy. I have searched high and low and tested many cleansers but nothing has matched the gentle but effective cleansing this does. It melts away makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh. I don't like using harsh chemicals on my skin and this one is fragrance free and hydrating. While I am brushing and cleansing I occasionally like to put on some music. I love classical music for winding down. Here's a playlist I replay over and over.

One line about my day

As soon as I get into bed I pick up my journal. I love to reflect on the day that has passed. I always feel a little nostalgic about a good day being done and gone. I was gifted this One Line a Day 5 Year Memory book. The idea is that you write one line about your day every night so that on the same date next year and the year after that you'll remember what you were doing. It's a little bit like social media's Timehop. The beautiful part about this is that it encourages me to reflect on my day where most nights I otherwise would not have if it wasn't a particularly significant day. It reminds me that every single day, every moment, even the mundane are significant because it is all life after all.

Some other things

  • I make my bed again even though I make it in the morning. During the day my sheets get creased. I love getting into hotel style no-crease bedsheets.
  • I switch my phone to silent face down and use the iPhone's Bedtime feature that helps you get the same amount of sleep every night. It notifies me to get ready for bed half an hour before bedtime and wakes me up at the same time every single day regardless of whether it is a weekend. 
  • A cuddle and reflection about our day (or separate days) with Taz.

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