25 Facts About Me

by - October 10, 2018

1. I paint and draw, even sketched my own wedding dress, and currently I'm getting into colouring. I'm talking artist grade colouring. It's been so very therapeutic.

2. My favourite food is pizza. Really cheesy NYC style pizza.

3. I love writing, I've written poems and stories from a young age.

4. When I was 15 I wrote a novel set in Virginia about a girl who lost her boyfriend to a motorcycle accident and was haunted by his ghost. I also wrote one about a boy who was adopted but happens to stumble across a haunted house containing all his dead relatives who tell him all about his past different to what his adopted parents have told him.

5. I used to want to become an actress growing up and would make impressions of people, my friends and I would be characters from Eastenders acting out the scenes we really wanted to watch like the reveal of the Stacey-Max affair scene before it aired on TV.

6. I used to make videos with my brother on our old Dell laptop that weren't uploaded on YouTube between 2011-2013 inspired by iCarly (because that was his favourite show at the time). We also made Aldi hauls, toy reviews and just general funny stuff.

7. I love cheese and add cheese to almost anything.

8. College (last two years of high school) were the best schooling years of my life. Met my now close friends, published my first poem, experimented with my style.

9. I have had a few of my poems published on teen ink and love writing poetry.

10. I love doughnuts.

11. Since we’re on the topic of doughnuts I love bread and everything carbs.

12. I’m a Hufflepuff.

13. I love my bed.

14. I tried to start up an app and created the website, designed the screens of the app and even the wireframes (visual representations of each and every screen of the app) but have put that on the back burner for other projects.

15. Reading is my favourite thing to do ever. I don’t know what fuelled this but from a young age I used to beg my mum for books.

16. I love libraries. I spent a lot of time in libraries. I attend the events, edit my videos, write and read.

17. I spent most of my school summer holidays drawing and sketching, as I got older I spent it taking my brother to the park.

18. I love wearing leggings instead of tights. Tights make me feel trapped and hate that I can't wear them twice without washing.

19. I’m a homegirl, which is why this move to America was the biggest life adjustment.

20. I’m very romantic.

21. I prefer a series over a movie.

22. I almost always fall asleep during a movie if I’m watching past 8:30pm with Taz but can stay wide awake and watch youtube videos alone on my phone.

23. I started my blog back in 2011 and it started as a fashion blog. It has now turned into a personal development blog.

24. I’m the weird food combinations person. I eat sautéed potato with mayo in a sandwiched toast and would take these weird food combinations for work lunch and everyone would be fascinated.

25. I self taught myself to design elements on my blog and for the app planned to create.

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