9 Things To Do Before 2019

by - October 31, 2018

I like to do a quarterly review on where I am in life and since we are in the last chapter I want to share some of the things I will be doing to ensure an even better 2019. The photos shown were taken from a trip to the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park which overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Going away just before the year is over not only allows me to recharge but it helps me assimilate all that has been and done. I find that at the end of every year, despite what has gone on, it has always been better than the last and I have always come out a more wiser and emotionally stronger person afterwards. Setting clear actionable goals are what have made every year that has passed the best one.

It is not 'despite' but rather 'because of' the hard times that I am able to be so in love with life. I love life, I love living in it, breathing it and waking up to another precious day. The thing about living through rough times is that once you have hit rock bottom the only way is up. There's no more going down. That to me is the hope and the reason to carry on. Read this when you feel that your year isn't going your way.

1 Reflect on the year so far
I chose not to share my 2018 goals and resolutions online as I have done every other year. Although I like to document my personal growth I love the idea of keeping my big goals to myself. I will be asking myself what goals I accomplished this year. What happened this year? Where am I headed?

2 Look at your finances
I do a financial audit every quarter but only take action on it such as changing my bank account, closing certain accounts or deciding to cut costs in my last quarter.

3 What didn't go well and why?
This isn't in response to whether you completed your new years resolutions but rather what you did this year but didn't go well, maybe it was your conduct, the way you handled certain situations that came your way, a decision you made that you regret. You can then work to improve the way you handle it the second time round and also gain closure and move on from that. Asking yourself this question helps you grow. You start to understand what is important to you and par down on what isn't.

4 Forgive yourself 
The most important one. There's a little mantra I like to repeat, particularly when negative thoughts creep in, when I have been emotionally driven or when I simply need to re-steer myself: 'I recognise that I have chosen wrongly, I forgive this thought, and I choose again. I choose love.' I learnt this mantra from Gabrielle Bernstein's book The Universe Has Your Back.

5 Make new goals
This is the time to get excited. The prospect of a new year is a mixture of both an exciting and daunting time. Despite what has happened in the past year, it is important to turn a new leaf and make a fresh start. Remember that you are never too old to begin again.

6 Have a clear out
Most people have a spring clean in spring but I feel that there's no better time than now to have a good old clear out of your things. This is the time of year that I find most useful to do it.
I usually write a list first of the different areas of my home I either need to improve or categories of items I want to focus on purging. This includes clearing window sills, repairing blinds or donating books especially because these things get lost in the noise of living life.

7 Write a gratitude list
What are you grateful for in your life thus far? Maybe there are newer things to add to this list than there were last year.

8 Appreciate how far you've come in life
Ask yourself 'where was I in life this time last year?' or 'what was I doing this time last year' and you will surprise yourself.

9 Take care of your health
Do you need to book an opticians appointment, get your annual blood test?

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