11 Travel Essentials I Can't Travel Without

by - December 26, 2018

Before my long distant relationship with my now American husband I hadn't been that very well travelled. When I booked my first trip to the US I searched up every single 'what I'm packing video'.

Living between two countries has not been easy. I found myself having to leave behind a favourite jumper or forgetting I own something and repurchasing it. I have made it work by having a pre-written packing list template on my trello. I have put together a list of essentials I must carry with me between the UK and US as well as on holidays.

Travel pillow

I particularly love the inflatable ones because they hold up strongly and can be packed away really easily.

Double wall insulated water bottle

This keeps my cold water cold. I usually fill up halfway before a flight and drink the water by the time I get to security.


Backpacks are great to travel with because it means you'll be handsfree. My favourite is the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. They open up completely, fit so much in them and are ergonomic for people with back pain.

All in one place purse

I call this my all in one place purse because I don't to be unnecessarily carrying my Tesco clubcard with out in Sub-Saharan Africa. Keeping a separate purse for foreign money and a couple of debit cards means you're not rifling though different currencies and different cards.

Monzo card

Monzo is a debit card linked to an app. You can use this card anywhere in the world for free. They don't add fees to the exchange rate. It's always best to check the exchange rate because they do make money from this if not from charging a fee. Always compare the rates with your usual bank. You can get £10 when you join Monzo using this link.


I used to carry fluffy socks but they took up so much space in my backpack. I now carry thin thermal socks that keep my feet warm on the cold plane.


I always need an extra jumper because it gets so cold in the plane.

Scarf as blanket

Despite the weather I always carry a thick scarf that doubles up as a blanket. Unless you're on a night flight the airline won't provide blankets.


I always carry my earphones to watch a pre-downloaded show on my phone. I love the dramas on BBC iPlayer, I'm currently watching Trust on BBC 2. I can't access BBC shows in the US so I always download as much as I can to watch offline on the plane.


I recently learnt that you can bring food from outside the airport all the way through security and onto the plane. This helps save money on expensive airport prices and exchange rates. If you have a particularly long journey with a layover it's important to bring snacks with you.


I have rekindled my love with my e-reader. I love it. Now that I am living such a nomadic life I can't be lugging books across the Atlantic every time. I do have a book shelf in both my home filled with my favourite physical books but having an e-reader means I have instant access to the books I miss.


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