NYC Itinerary | Our Anniversary in NYC

by - December 19, 2018

The first time we visited NYC we drove from Northern Virginia. It was a four hour ride with multiple stops. I love a good road trip but we felt we weren't able to fully experience NYC because driving around meant we didn't need to use the subway. Now if you're a Londoner, or have lived in London like me you probably wouldn't think of the subway as an experience in itself but it is much different to London's underground. For one, it is air conditioned and so much simpler than London's complicated tube system which after six months of living there I have only just got used to.

New York epitomises everything for us as a couple. It was the first place we visited together and it seemed fitting that we go for our anniversary. We're both so in love with New York we're even planning our next visit. There's so much to see and do that you can't do in two visits.

Should I stay in Time Square?

Last time we stayed in the New York-New Jersey borderline as we wanted to stay away from the craziness yet get to experience everything with a short bus ride to the city. This time we stayed at the Financial District. I'm so glad all the hotels were fully booked in Time Square because I'd advise not to stay in such a busy place. You'd never get out of the tourist bubble and it would take you forever to wrestle the crowds to get anywhere.

As we booked last minute you can imagine hotels were expensive. They went up to the $400's per night. We stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton. Hilton is a company we are quite loyal to and you'll probably see us staying in their hotels in future trips. We love the modern feel and they do rightly label themselves as a luxury hotel.

We had the room with a view on the 134th floor and I'd always hear my ears popping every time the lift went up. The hotel had complimentary warm cookies and ice which we absolutely loved. There's a microwave in the lobby, perfect for when you've ordered in a massive pizza the night before and want to enjoy the next day. I loved our cosy, dark and broody room, very NYC.

Day One - NY Sea Port and the Financial District

We were at walking distance to the sea port. On the first day we got a taxi from Port Authority station to our hotel. Which, if we meticulously planned out, we could have taken the subway to a station right outside our hotel. We unpacked our stuff, showered and took a breezy walk to the sea port. Since this trip was in the summer the evening air was the perfect temperature. On the way back we grabbed some street foot marvelling at the sky high buildings where financial professionals would be rushing through the swinging doors of to get to work on Monday morning.

Day Two - Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Centre and the Empire State Building

We loved the sea port so much we bought breakfast and had it outside at the sea port. We had plans to go to Central Park that day but we fell for an offer to get on a Yacht for a tour of major parts of the city including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Centre and the Empire State Building. I would have liked to walk across Brooklyn Bridge but maybe next time.

We then got back to our hotel for lunch and a refresh. I switched my sandals up for trainers for a scroll through Central Park. For this we took the subway. We learnt that in New York cash was the main currency as a lot of places did not take cards. The man at the information desk at the subway station would only accept cash. Central park is truly something. It is so vast with so much to explore.

Joe's Pizza and Times Square

On the way back, we walked through Times Square to get to Joe's Pizza. It's one of the most recommended pizza places in New York and it was on my list. We got the cheese and tomato pizza and brought it back to the hotel with us. I don't know what it is about pizza in bed after a shower but it's my favourite thing to do on trips.

Day Three - Manhattan

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