Things I'll never get used to as a brit living in the USA

by - January 14, 2019

It's been a six months since I started documenting my life in the US. I love sharing all of the new things I learn about living here.  Although living across the atlantic comes with all its opportunities there are also drawbacks.

Cheddar cheese is bland

The cheese doesn't taste quite right. Oh, and American substitute for margarine is the brand 'I can't believe it's not butter'.

Chocolate doesn't taste good

Chocolate will never taste as good as the old British favourites and don't get me started on the crisps. I ordered a batch of Walkers crisps for $27 dollars because I missed them so much.

Lack of biscuit variety

I miss Mcvities, Viennese or other assortments. There's so much variety in the UK.

No free national healthcare system

Choosing the right health insurance plan can get stressful not to mention choosing the right doctor. I never appreciated the NHS as much as I do now.

America works you hard

Want to take two weeks off for holiday? You'll be lucky to come back. 20 day annual leave per year? Unheard of. America works you so hard that your days off most often get exchanged with getting paid overtime. In England employers even encourage you to take your time off. Although there are some bank holidays like Labor Day or Thanksgiving, Americans still don't get as many as we do. There's no such thing as boxing day and you can forget having new years eve off.

Excessive exuberance about everything

As a Brit I will never get used to exclamation marks in professional emails or the word "awesome".

People don't get my dead-pan sense of humour

I have learnt the hard way that the typical British self-deprecation and sarcasm can be taken the wrong way.

The gap down the side of the toilet cubicle

I'll never use a public loo again.

People keep asking you questions about the royal family

Royal news is just as much covered in in the US as it is in England.

The amount of salt an sugar in everything

Everything tastes so processed and way too salty. I did a taste test comparing Walkers Ready Salted with the Lays Original and I could taste the excess salt in Lays. When I'm back in England I find myself adding huge amounts of salt and sugar to everything, even my Heinz Baked Beans.

Putting on weight

Some people think I'm talking a foreign language 

A lot of phrases get lost in translation.

Driving fills me with dread 

Why are the traffic lights so high up? And how do I know which lane to drive in? Sometimes there are two 'turn right only' lanes and I'm forced to turn right while in the middle lane.


As Brits we shy away from expressing ourselves directly whereas an American will usually say what they want and mean what they want. This can sometimes come across as blunt.

Healthy food is expensive, unhealthy food is cheap

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