9 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

by - February 17, 2019

My home will always be a constant work in progress. I think this is because part of me loves to innovate and freshen up my space. There’s never an end point to improvement and what better area of your life to improve than the space you live in, more importantly your bedroom. The bedroom is where you spend most of your time and where you go to feel relaxed. It is the one area of my home that should never look like chaos. Today I’m sharing the barebones of my room. Rather than an entire room tour you’ll get to see the key things that create a peaceful space.


I love this candle. The scent is cassis and I picked this one up on a whim at Khols for only $3.99. Yankee also do the scent cassis. It’s a mixture between fresh and relaxing and it’s the only candle I own. I love putting this on just before sunset as the room darkens and tuck into a book. I love the ambience it creates, it really sets you up for the "winding down" mood.


A lamp also creates a sense of ambience and helps you prepare for sleep and relaxation. When the main light is on it’s too bright.

Accent Chair

If you have the space an accent chair makes a difference. I’m one of those people who can slip into the habit of doing everything on my bed, even work. However, when you’re working away on your bed your mind starts to associate the bed with a place of work rather than relaxation. I use the accent chair for both relaxation and work. If you have the space you can move all your work into a home office. I also use the chair as a reading chair. I have a dedicated blanket for this too. It is a plush teal blanket in a king size and together with the bucket shape of the chair it makes it cosy for an evening read. The teal blanket happens to match the candle and the accent chair matches our deep blue curtains.


Colours have the power to enhance or bring down the mood, even as far as making you feel warmer or colder. The walls in my bedroom are an off-white while the furnishing is either white or walnut brown. I then have blue hues everywhere else. Blue is an important colour for me. It signifies trust and calm and reminds me of water. You can have fun with this by googling colours and their meaning. The smaller the colour palette the better. Try to go for max 4 different colours. I went for: off-white/white, brown and blue (including shades of blue like teal).

No Tech Zones

Taz and I now have a strict rule of leaving our phones on the white chest (the object furthest from our bed). That way we never take our phones to bed with us.

3 Object Rule

When I started minimalism I created the ‘3 object rule’. This means that you are only allowed three items per surface. Limiting clutter allows for a clutter-free mind. I identified this when I realised that the reason why I so enjoyed hotel stays were because I had what I needed and needed what I had. I now have much less to no objects per tabletop and it really helps me feel so much more peaceful.  I share this concept  in my video on how to become a minimalist.

Things that bring you joy

There are specific objects that bring me joy or that I just love looking at. These are usually keepsakes but sometimes they’re just pretty looking things. I don’t believe in having ornaments or stuff for decoration that don’t serve a purpose so  I don’t fill my house with vases. This handmade lantern however, emits beautiful colours when you put in an electronic candle.

Inspiration Board

To me, the bedroom is a sacred space. You have meaningful conversations, be yourself, get ideas and dream (literally). It only makes sense to have an inspiration board that will forever inspire and motivate you. For most people that is words and quotes of encouragement, for me, it’s my current project or focus. Right now, it is the process of making my house a home. I have found that keeping an inspiration board even though I am not actively making any effort to look at it actually works. I have effortlessly turned a lot of these inspiration clippings from interior magazines into a reality in my own home.

Make your bed everyday

My day doesn't seem to go right when I haven't made my bed and my evenings don't feel as relaxed. I tried to impose a rule where the last person to leave the bed is the one who makes it but that didn't always work. So even if I have to come home to an unmade bed I would make it just before getting in. There's something satisfying about getting into tightly tucked sheets.

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