6 Things I Love About Virginia

by - March 22, 2019

When I first moved to Virginia I spent a lot of time feeling incredibly homesick and even made plans to move back to England. It was only after a short visit back to England when I realised how much Virginia became my home and the reasons why I love this place so much.

Let's start with how beautiful it always looks
Look at all those colours. When I went back to Birmingham after 4 months in Virginia it looked dull and crowded and I cannot imagine living there anymore. I am such a home girl and was always comfortable with the idea of living in England my whole life so it is crazy that I have adjusted so well and so quickly.

The weather
Virginia has all four seasons. My favourite is spring. Virginia springs are warm and sunny but not too hot. You can step out in a jacket and sandals whereas in England I never knew what to wear from one day to the next because the weather was so inconsistent. When it rains it pours. When there’s sun it’s enough for sandals and a dress all day long. When it snows it snows enough for a snowman. Just straight up reliable weather.

Huge roads and open spaces
We have a very outdoor lifestyle. We've had road trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains and even New York. There's a park only 2 miles from us just for hiking and I've taken up basketball. I could not do all this in England as the weather and lack of space rarely permitted it.

I can’t imagine moving back to my city life. I could possibly have a city life here in Washington DC or Arlington as I’ll always have close access to the mountains and greenery but I could never go back to Birmingham. Birmingham to me is a closed chapter. I never knew I was an outdoorsy person, or even one to consider getting a golden retriever, but moving abroad really does things to you. It changes you in a way that it brings out parts of you that you never knew were there all along. I’ve discovered so much about myself.

I went from the second city to the suburbs and for a long time it felt like I was in the middle of the countryside. It didn't help with my homesickness but now I love it.

30 minutes from the capital
I'm in Northern Virginia and live only 30 minutes from Washington DC. I love DC for all it's little cafes, museums and parks. There is always something going on.

But still near the coast
Although Virginia Beach is almost 4 hours away from where I live there are still beautiful rivers to pass golden hour by. This was taken in National Harbor, Maryland.

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