Read this if something’s not happening for you right now

by - April 11, 2019

Now let me tell you something. If it’s not happening for you right now, that’s great. In fact it’s fantastic, you’re on the right track. High five! I say this because the very fact that you feel stagnant is good news only because you’re likely keep working on making your goals happen if you’re feeling this way. If you didn’t feel like it wasn’t happening for you then I’d be concerned.

I recently got into the trap of feeling like “it’s not happening for me right now!” while watching everyone else it’s happening for.

You’re probably feeling like this because you are trying to reach your next milestone in life (which is normal) or things are really tough right now (which is also normal!)

If you are trying to reach your next milestone in life and are feeling discouraged because it seems to be taking so long or you’ll be happy if you could only get that one thing then STOP. Stop right now. Don’t ever forget how badly you once wanted what you have right now. There was a time you were praying, visualizing and sweating it out to be where you are currently at. Now that you’ve received your blessings you’re too distracted by worrying about making the next thing happen. Human nature is like this. We as a species are like this because it is necessary for our growth and intellectual development. But when you’re stuck in this vicious cycle of chasing the next best thing you’re never going to have the best thing, even the things you’ve already acquired. You forget to live, feel and enjoy the beauty you worked so hard to create.

Learn to be grateful and live in the moment instead of worrying, overthinking and stressing about whether what’s definitely going to happen for you will happen for you. When you recognise how far you’ve already come it would be crazy to think you couldn’t go any further.

‘Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live.’ - Eckhart Tolle

If I could give only one piece of advice it would be to to turn your pain into passion. The greatest light can come from the darkest places. Life is filled with different phases. We often label them as good or bad. The good times often pass too quickly. If you’re going through a tough time right now remind yourself that this moment too shall pass. The day’s going to finish whether you like it or not. This adversity will only make you stronger, this pain will only give you perspective and this time will give you the gift of gratitude for all the good in your life despite this.

You simply have to wake up each morning and focus on making the next one better than the previous one. You may not notice the accumulative improvements straight away but you will definitely notice a shift in your mood. Your shoulders will start to feel lighter, you’ll have hope again and soon, very soon you’ll slide into the good phase without even realising it.

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