My Day At Home Routine

by - March 22, 2020

My full day at home schedule to inspire your inner homebody. As the lyrics from the popular song 'Let  Her Go' by Passenger goes, "only hate the road when you're missing home," there really is nothing quite as tranquil as a whole day at home with nothing on your to-do list.

Taz and I assign Saturdays as our day of rest which we often refer to as "our godly day of rest". This is a full day where we get to do all our hearts desire. Whether we want to go play basketball, go for a run or be it stay in bed all day.

Exercise (yoga, cardio, pilates, weights)

There are so many exercise videos on YouTube. In fact, other than running or sports, this is the only other way I exercise.


Audible have currently made all kids books free to listen to (yes, that includes Harry Potter). Amazon Kindle have so many free books to download, you don’t need a kindle reader to read them. You can read in your phone on the app or in your browser.

Cook or bake

Look up a new recipe or try to use up ingredients you already have in your kitchen. I love the app Meallime which lets you input the ingredients you already have at home to make something.

Declutter your drawers / clear your closet

This is a very therapeutic thing to do. You'll start to enjoy your living space when it is tidier.

Take an evening walk

The spring air is breathtaking right now.

Watch the sun go down on your porch

Or even from your window. This is one of the most underrated beautiful things to do. It is only when we allow ourselves to be still that we realise how much precious time we are missing out on.

Group video call friends and family

Some mobile networks are giving unlimited free data right now so you don’t have to rely on slowed down wifi due to everyone in your area using the internet.

Watch a movie with snacks

You don’t need to have a Netflix or Prime subscription for this. YouTube give away a lot of free movies and Prime are currently giving away select free movies with ads (and the ads aren't that disruptive).

If that doesn’t sound like your kind of day, change it up by choosing from my list of 22 things to do at home.

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