Don't Call Me Skinny | Body Confidence

by - 29 December

Skinny girls seem to have it easy. They can feast without a guilty conscience, wear absolutely almost anything and get swamped with compliments on their figure. These are just a few of the reasons anyone may think that a 'skinny' girl has an easier life. 

Yes, I admit, we have it a little easier but that does not mean we're immune to insecurities. There's no denying that I am small framed and to this day I am either told how blessed I am or how I should be putting on weight. The battle between the two reflects the chaos going on in my head. There are things I wish I could change about my body, there are celebrities I wish I could look like and I sometimes agonise about looking shapeless in that wrap dress. I'm not going to pretend that calling someone "fat" is just as bad as calling someone "skinny". The truth is that it does not equate nearly as close to the stigma attached to the word "fat". What I will say is that, I'm just as insecure.

I've spent a lot of my life feeling bad about been helplessly "skinny", and also a lot of it feeling smug about being about to wear almost anything but none of it compensates for the incessant thoughts going on and on in my head about how I look and what people are thinking.

'Girls don't just simply decide to hate their bodies, we teach them to' - Anonymous

We've been taught to feel insecure about ourselves through what we consume everyday around us. No, I'm not talking about the media, that's a whole other issue. I'm talking about the comments and 'compliments' alike. I have been 'complimented' with 'Gosh you're so skinny', 'You are my body goals', 'What's your diet like?' I've lost count of how many times I've been told these but I've had a fair share of out-there ones I can share with you today.

Meeting the friend

When my sister introduced me to her long time college friend for the first time her eyes widened, and to my annoyance, she opened her mouth to express 'Oh my god, you're sister's so skinny'. Well hello I am here you know.
*Sister rolls her eyes* and says 'Yep, that's Malia.'

The bra fitter

Very rarely do I go and brave it out for a much needed bra fitting because I feel like I already know what they are thinking when I bare it out so that they can wrap their measuring tape around every bumpy lumpy rib. The few times I have been, I've always been told that I have a very small band size (ribcage). "You should really put on some weight," a bra fitter told me as she took a step back to inspect my figure.

I'm a fitness freak, I love that feel of my limbs buzzing after a 45 minute workout. I don't have a cheat day, I have a pizza when I feel like it. I have a sweet tooth (for flying saucers). I believe that your body is what you make of it, both physically and mentally. Physically from looking after it through fitness and food and mentally from alleviating yourself from the irrevocable negative comments and thoughts. How we should go about doing this, I'm still working on yet.

The photos used in this post are a most accurate picture of how I feel when getting changed every morning. The first image shows you the part of my dressing where I stop and look for a while in the mirror. As I lift up my waist-high-Bridget-Jones tights over my vest everything seems to reveal themselves. I remember why I am that "skinny" girl.

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