Don't Break Your New Year's Resolutions Just Yet!

by - January 05, 2015

I didn't want to round up my 2014 highlights (because I could do it in my personal journal). I didn't want to round up the fashion trends or beauty favourites (because you could get that anywhere). Though saying that, I can't wait to post about my ultimate beauty faves of 2014 tomorrow. 

Neither am I going to list up my new years resolutions. Instead, I'm going to show you fail-proof ways to keep your new years resolutions. I'm writing this on new years eve but you will get it before Blue Monday, I promise you! 

Before you seek to rigidly keep to your resolutions think about how you will keep them and why your previous resolutions have failed in the past. 


Resolution: To lose weight
How: Going to the gym every week (er, really?)

Ask yourself, is this realistic? If not, change it to 'Eat healthier and walk to dog more often'. Give yourself attainable baby steps so that you can later hit it up at the gym. It's easy to get caught up in the new year flush and make extravagant resolutions you won't keep or don't actually want to. 

If you're not sure, give yourself alternative routes to achieve this goal so that if you don't achieve one you can try out another without breaking your resolution. Here's a few suggestions for thought...

- Fitness apps like Pump Up and get motivated by real people.

- #InstaFood #HealthyFood on Instagram. Instagram is down with the foodies. Didn't you know? Get in with the times!
- Watch FREE workout videos on YouTube. Blogilates, FitnessBlender...oh and there are so many more. What better way than to waste away your gym membership and feel bluer on Blue Monday.

Leave a comment below, or tweet if you'd like help on finding your 'alternative routes'. I love it when readers get back to me about my posts. I've even received a phone call from a recruiter who enjoyed my blog!

Pause. Reflect. Rethink.

The approach to a new year is not only an opportunity to try out new things, it's also a chance to reflect on the year that has gone by. What have you achieved? If so, how? What haven't you achieved and why? Always ask yourself these questions but don't agonise over the things you haven't done. 

I'm going to get a bit personal here and share my year's reflection with you. I resolved to keep a Jar of Dreams in 2014. I'm so proud of how many 'dreams' I fulfilled this year. Although, there are a few I didn't (below). Let me walk you through them.

Failed Dream #1 Take an early morning walk

Failed Dream #2 Be adventurous with my hair
Failed Dream #3 Write more poems
Almost Failed Dream #3 Paint

Although they seem like non-self-improvement resolutions, each of them were based on self-improvement. I wanted to take an early morning walk because I needed time out, some peace from this always alert technological world. I wanted to be adventurous with my hair because looking glam makes me feel good about myself and I really needed that. I wanted to get back into poetry and paint more as a rebellion to my stressful year at Uni but I painted less.

If you haven't kept your resolutions, resolve to do them differently this time. Give things a twist. It's amazing how things look and feel much better at a different angle.

My 2015 Resolutions

#1 Attempt to start my own business (sneak peak this way)

#2 Buy more experiences than material things because memories of a holiday are better than a new car (who said money can't buy happiness?)

#3 Focus on being productive instead of busy (the work, work, work attitude is damaging)

#4 Don't seek to control my life (list writing is ok, but "pain demands to be felt" - TFIOS, John Green)

I spent a lot of time trying to be happier, fixing inevitable disasters and making compromises for things that just went bust. It felt like a race I was never going to win. I'm becoming more of a free spirit this year. Instead of fighting or fixing inevitable situations, I'm accepting that they happen sometimes and then brushing them off without a second thought.

#5 Resolve to do one thing everyday that I fear (things we fear are often things that we really should do)

#6 Expand this blog (more readers, guest posting & google hangout with YOU, find out more here)

#7 Get techy & crafty

Designing this blog was my biggest leap in 2014. I'm opening an online shop where I sell handmade canvases and digital icons.

#8 Pick up a new hobby

Yes writing, painting and filming are my loves but I want to take the opportunity of a fresh new year to become obsessed with something else.

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