How To Spot A Good Investment Piece

by - February 04, 2015

Mulberry, Dior and Tiffany&Co, are labels really everything?

I've shelled out on my fair share of shoes, bags and more shoes all in the name of 'but it's an investment' only to have only worn said investment once or never and that once was in my back garden feeling fabulous. In recent years I've been good with my money, okay okay not with my money, but with buying wisely. So good in fact that I buy wisely a bit too much.

With that being said, an investment piece does not always come in the form of a bag, coat, dress or shoes either. Who said they had to be staple items? They don't come in blacks, greys, navys and nudes either. They also don't have to break the bank!

Comfort & Confidence 

This comes before anything else and the two that distinguish whether I wear the piece often. Try it on, dance in it. Think about the events you will wear it to and whether it capsules with the rest of your wardrobe. For example, bright blue shoes will be no good if you don't already have a few outfits that will go with it. Do you keep tugging at the hem? Pulling the neckline up so too much cleavage isn't showing? Do you have to breathe in and squeeze into it? If you answered 'yes' to any of those, then no, you're neither comfortable nor confident in it.


Price does not determine durability. Surely, the higher the price the better the quality? Same goes with established brands. I've had £109.99 DKNY shoes that did not stand a chance against my humble £45 Clarks wedges. With that being said, brand does not also mean quality. Sure Clarks have been around for hundreds of years as well as other household names but even they can slip up on quality. Feel around the garment, check shoe or bag clasps. Will it outlive snagging and tugs? If the care label has further maintenance information, can you take care of it? 

Thickness and heaviness does not constitute to durability. I cringe at fashion bloggers 
and vloggers who justify spending a lot of money on a blouse because it is made out of really thick polyester. I've owned delicate fabrics that have stood the test of time.

Short Term Passion or Marriage?

A short term passion? Well that's either one wear or nothing at all. So how do I determine whether there will be wedding bells? Think about whether cheaper alternatives fit the bill or whether you could do without it. Leave the shop. Sleep on it. I've often found myself dreaming about the dress I left behind two days ago and that's sure sign of love.

I have made it a shopping challenge to only buy clothes that make me go 'wow'. I have adopted this method so well that I'm very hard to please. I now find myself dreaming up styles and cuts that don't even exist, browsing niche fashion sites or design my own clothes!

You've only married the item when you're convinced you will never find anything as beautiful, figure loving and comfortable. Sounds like a perfect husband to me. I still have a pair jeans I can't let go of since I was 16 (22 now) because after every wash they come out like brand new jeans. I've never found anything quite like it since. By the way, they were New Look and cost me only £22.99.

Price Per Wear

Price-per-wear doesn't count for much to me personally but it is definitely something you could use to determine whether it's worth spending a lot of money on an item. Price per wear is a widely used fashion jargon to determine whether you have worn your money's worth out of the item. Say you bought a £100 dress and you wore it five times. That's £20 per wear. For me personally, it's a rocky marriage. 

Wishlists aren't just for Christmas!

Add the items you're lusting after to a wishlist, or snap a photo at the store. A month later you will find you no longer want them. I use The Greedy Book, it's a perfect way to have everything you love all in one place and you can even buy direct from the site. You can also install it to your browser bookmark so that whenever you're feeling greedy you can add the product to your greedy book with one simple click. Share your wishlists with friends and family so they know what to get you for birthdays.

What are some of your favourite investment pieces?

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