Winter, Don't Say It's Over

by - 19 February

As often as seasonal trends bleed into the next, it's always easy to dwell nostalgically over your winter boots and baggy jumpers while watching the previous season inevitably dissemble itself. I write this cross-legged looking over my bedroom window. The fallen leaves that linger way past autumn are cleaned out. My garden is tidy, the apple tree is bare-boned and ready for the yellow and whites to blossom over their arms. Pun intended. Yellows and Whites are all over Fashion Week. Winter has done well to cut it's ties with me.

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Sometimes I wonder whether I am affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. As much as I love embracing change, the change of a season usually means to me the change of my entire lifestyle. By lifestyle, I actually mean my wardrobe. Getting prepared for the new season can be frustrating. Trying to figure out what to wear when you're in a rush in the morning combined with the confusing in-between season weather doesn't help either. I often find myself wondering whether I will over-do it by throwing on my bright yellow dress, then make it worse by putting over it a pastel blue jumper. Then it all just goes horribly pear-shaped and I resolve to walk out with my usual winter go-to pieces. Calm.

Awaiting a new season is actually very exciting. As soon as January hits, winter is officially over for me and it's all things spring preparation. I find myself adding pastel hues to everything and paying more attention to my fellow fashion bloggers, sorry beauty bloggers, than anything else.

Below are my play-it-safe spring picks to help you graduate through that in-between stage.

Oh hey stripes

Staying safe with a striped smock
Navy. It's my colour-safe staple. When I'm having one of those days where there's nothing to wear and everything I try to style doesn't work. I might even add a bit of jazz with a sparkly hair scrunchie or a pop of colour cardigan. This fail safe smock is from Primark, and pretty damn popular as they flew off the rails a week after I picked mine up.

Oh those blues
Technically not blue. Teal, another shade of the blue family. I love teal, it really compliments my warm-olive complexion. This ruffle number is from Forever 21 at a bargainous price of £15. It looks so much more than t

hat. I'm really having trouble with workwear and do more often during seasonal changes. This is long-sleeved, super soft and stylish with that ruffle detail. Looks so lovely tucked into my signature midi skirt. (If you've been following me for a while you will know that midi skirts are my favourite item of clothing). 

Bow Front Teal Blouse - Forever 21

Getting the colours and prints back in 
As you may have noticed, I'm going for the muted colours this transitional season. I always find that I can ease myself out of the colder months like this instead of forcing bright colours. Forever 21 always do really well with their blouses.

Share a link to your spring related blog post in the comments below and let me know how you're getting ready for spring. I'm loving fashion posts at the moment! See this Topshop shirt. See these Clarks Boots.

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