How To Eliminate The Things You Hate in Life

by - 14 January

Last week I asked you to GIVE UP so you'll never have to say "I CAN'T" again. This week I'm showing you how to completely eliminate all the things you have identified worth giving up. Welcome to phase two, eliminate.


Now I'm not telling you to quit your day job, take a leap of faith and start up your baking business. That's the often doomed I CAN approach.

Go grab a paper and pen or open notebook on your smartphone and write a list of all the things that no longer serve you, excite you or worse, make you miserable. 

At first it's going to be hard to create this list. You'll be writing down the smaller stuff. I challenge you to be bold, at the end of the day you can scrap it and click off this or leave a comment and tell me I'm talking rubbish. 

Some pointers to get you started:

What do you do within the first 3 hours of waking? Write down anything that you find unpleasant.

(e.g. A morning lecture, the gym, changing nappies, squeezing into that tight skirt, even work!)

Now it's early/late afternoon are there any calling to-do lists or places you need to be? 
(Is the prospect of doing these things becoming unbearable?)

What are your future plans?
(Think about whether they are influenced by what your parents want, what your peers are doing or through panic because you don't have it 'figured out'.)

Then eliminate eliminate eliminate. This will give you space to welcome the new. You have only so much space in your life, fill it with the things you love as much as you possibly can. 

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