3 Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Happiness

by - January 18, 2016

We often expect happiness to happen to us. It can seem like there is no way out of unhappiness until it subsides by itself. 
Maybe you're telling yourself that 'everything will look better in the morning', or worse, never. Today I ask you not to give unhappiness the pleasure of subsiding when it wants to. Instead choose to be happy, don't wait.
I'm not saying that happiness is easy, it does take a little mental effort. This is why I am sharing 3 small sure-fire ways to get you started.

Smile. Force it, even if you are not feeling it

That's right, 'fake it till you make it'. The very act of smiling tricks your brain into thinking it should be happy. This is the very hardest of the three. It may take a few practices and you'll feel stupid for it but it's so worth it. Go on, go to the mirror and pull your best smile. 

Wear your best clothes

We can be great judges of what makes us look and feel good, which is why we sometimes save our best clothes for the best occasions.
For me, this would be a my stripey crop top over my high wasted pleated skirt (we all have our things). 
It's easy to fall into the cycle of rolling out of bed and throwing on whatever is “comfortable.” Take the mental effort to dress yourself nicely today, and you’ll notice how great you feel. If your ego is really loving it, you may even find yourself wanting to do errands!

Do star jumps (jumping jacks) 

I recommend star jumps over going for a run. When you're curled up in your bed not wanting to do anything, running is the last thing on your mind. 
It's the really playful and childish aspect of star jumps that beats a run any day. Since your brain associates it with the carefree school days it can be a real mood booster. So get jumping even if it's just for 30 seconds.
Exercise allows me to feel different. It lets me be in control of my feelings when I am most not in control of them. We don't get to choose our emotions. This way, I choose to get that buzzing feeling through my thighs. I choose to sweat and feel out of breath. All at my own will. That is magic of exercise aside from the scientific explanation of it releasing endorphins (the happy chemical in your brain).
You only have this moment in time right NOW and right now ONLY. We agonise about what's happened in the past and worry about what is to be of our future, but the present is here and it's real right now. It's beating, it's alive just waiting for you to cherish. Go on, give it the love it deserves.

Photo Credit: Austin Schmid

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