How to Get a Harry Potter Kindle or Tablet Case

by - April 18, 2016

...and cheap.

I've been looking up novelty Kindle cases ever since I bought my Kindle. As my library has fast extended to the attic and I've become a minimalist, now has never been a good time to hold up a ration card on print books. A pleasant to look at ration card that is.

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As I am also coming to a close on reading the Harry Potter series (again) I know I'll find it really hard to let the story rest and my enthusiasm can live on when reading other books in this Marauder's Map Kindle. A more than subtle nod to my love for Hogwarts. Of course this acts as small extension to my much loved books and merchandise but it brings me joy. Oh I am easily pleased.

In my nostalgic haste I  googled 'what to read after harry potter' (yes, that's actually thing check it out) and somehow stumbled across this case. These things just happen. At only £12.60 it's a bargain for such a premium feel case. It really protects my Kindle and feels comfortable to the touch. I often forget it's not an actual book. You can get it here.


There's a whole lot of other's to choose from such as Advanced Potion Making, Tales of Beedle The Bard, Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by Reeta Skeeta and good old Defence Against The Dark ArtsAs you can imagine, it was a difficult decision to make and I'll probably get some of the others.

The reason why I chose the Marauder's Map is because it's a magical item I wish I could have. It's presence in the books were really felt. Especially when it was taken from Harry by Barty Crouch disguised as Mad Eye in the Goblet of Fire, and who remembers the moment when Snape attempted to open it with it only snapping back insults?

If you love Harry Potter as much as me, I know you'll love these cases.

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