What They Should Teach You At School

by - June 18, 2016


How to handle money, make money and save it. When I first started earning money I didn't know how much to save or how to budget. I had to learn through trial and error. When it comes to buying a house or filing a tax return most young people wouldn't know where to begin. It really frustrates me that although we are taught about the Pythagoras theorem we are not about the major logistics of adult life. Or is Pythagorus theorem a way to stimulate our brains to working out all the mortgage and credit rating thing ourselves?

How to be a nice person

Or is the grown up world meant to be a playground? Growing up I've been looking out for all the adult clues and signs but to no avail. Tantrums, petty arguments and drama still exist. The first time I came across this realisation was when I was at a very grown up networking event where 21 year old me was outnumbered by 40 year olds. Looking around the room while a presentation was going on everything was very soon reminiscent of a school classroom. The lawyer sitting next to me was sat slumped on his chair flicking bits of paper across the room while a banker was stifling giggles with her friend.

That adults don't exist

Teachers, parents and adults place so much emphasis on us becoming something (whether it be a doctor, nurse, builder or technician) that we never have an opportunity to figure ourselves out and finally become something. My theory is that even when we become adults we aren't complete. That maybe the beauty and purpose of life is to to continue being students, to grow and learn as learning is what enriches the mind. Maybe we're living in beta and that's the way things should be. Is it that we are just conditioned to believe that there's a destination or end goal? Life is about growing. Constantly, rapidly and unwaveringly like that sunflower you planted as a tiny weed. It soon becomes  stronger and taller than ever.

Mental Health

The stigma surrounding mental health is due to being uneducated. Most people will suffer from a mental illness or know someone that does. The only reason that mental illnesses are more prevalent in this day and age is because we are more aware than ever before in history. Depression, OCD, Anxiety, Bipolar and more all went undiagnosed. The more learned we are about mental health the better we can treat it.

I don't think we ever really grow up and I think adult life is put on a pedestal that it doesn't belong on. I'm 23 now but I often find myself asserting this 'grown up feeling' on myself. Maybe learning just as a few grown up things at school would really ease the shock to our system when we actually do 'grow up' whatever being grown up actually is.

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