Can't Afford to Read Books? TIPS TO GET FREE AND CHEAP BOOKS

by - July 11, 2016

Being an avid reader I know only to well how it feels to get through your last book and not be able to afford another bestseller. In my teen years I was always thinking up ways to beg my mum to buy me the next Harry Potter book and writing my Birthday wish list of books. Books usually cost between 5 and 10 pounds and I get through a book a week. That's roughly £240 a year spent on books you'll probably not read again.

As a working adult I now have the luxury of being able to afford a new book when I want, but I rarely buy as I am now a practicing minimalist. Though I still read any and every book I want for FREE (or dirt cheap) and here's how you can too.


Did you know that you can reserve books from libraries across the city and collect them from your local library? Reserve online and collect at your local. I don't know if every city or state has this system but it's worth asking. I've previously talked about using the library as a good way of discovering books but it's also a good way of reading the books you really want to without worrying about whether your local one shelves it. I almost never buy books now that I am trying to be minimal and waste free plus I don't have the space, my shelves are quaking at their hinges.


You don't have to buy an e-reader to read an ebook. Download the Amazon kindle app free it on your phone or computer. There's loads of ebooks that are free or 99p and you can read the sample to see if it's worth buying.


Wattpad is seen as a place for teen fan-fiction but it also has a few amazing reads. Some of it's writers go on to be professionally published. I'm currently reading The Return, it's about a teenager that dies every time she reaches the age of 17 and reincarnates as a new person. Each time she meets new people that will too die soon - spooky! Follow me to get great recommendations and have a peak at what I'm reading.

Charity Shops

If you really want to own your own books it might be worth popping into charity shops. They have really cheap and sometimes new books that are in good condition. Google charity shops that stock books before making a trip.


Another place where books are sold dirt cheap.

Car Boot or Yard sales

Find your local one, you might also find other hidden gems.

Book Swaps or Borrow

Arrange monthly books swaps with your friends and read each others books.

Read your favourite books again

There's no feeling like sinking into a book you know you will love. I've been reading the Harry Potter series all over again. Read about how it gave me withdrawal symptoms when I finished here.

So that is how you get to read the books you want for free or for real cheap. I hope this post has helped you. If it has don't forget to share it with your friends using the share links below and follow me via Bloglovin' for more tips.

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