What I still buy and collect as a minimalist

by - August 28, 2016

For me minimalism is less about having less stuff and more about having only the things I love with my whole heart. Things and objects are not the enemy if they bring you joy. For me, this happens to include books, quite a few books I might add. I adore my book collection and there's nothing better than the feel and smell of a brand new book as well as the nostalgia of re-opening an old favourite.

Sometimes I feel that with social media minimalism can sometimes seem like a contest of "I have less than you". You make your own rules, if you think it's about "throw out as much as you can" you've got it all wrong. I couldn't get rid of certain books or keepsakes but that's ok.

Good food

Good food is another thing I refuse to scrimp on and  that has been replaced with takeaways or junk food. I spent a little bit more on organic food by sacrificing chocolate.

Buy experiences 

If there's anything I'd love for you to take from this post is to buy experiences over material objects. I find myself buying more experiences more than ever now that I'm a minimalist. I'd rather spend extra money on the bus fare to visit a park further out of town rather than the local one at walking distance or go all out and spend £2000 on a luxury holiday over a luxury handbag. I get that the handbag will last longer than the 2 week holiday but the memories of that holiday will bring you long lasting happiness.

Expensive clothes

Good quality clothes and shoes. I find that I am so much more pickier than ever when shopping for a new shirt or pair of boots. It has to be made of durable material, not a trend piece and fit like a glove. 

If I am a photographer it's ok to have all lenses, software and lights because I need that, but if I take a few photos every other month I may consider borrowing or renting equipment. Minimalism is not about the number of things but the value that those things you do keep bring to your life. Minimalism has no rules, take it as a template to simplify your life not as a rulebook.  The point is to declutter your life to live simply, to be able to breathe in your own home, to relieve the stress of consumerism.

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