20 New Years Resolution Ideas

by - December 19, 2016

I always reflect on the year that's passed and today, more conveniently so, I happened to flick through an old notebook for something and stumbled across my 2015 resolutions. It was a different way of approaching the old resolutions lists and I thought the concept was so fun I wanted to try it again.

There's a lot of fun things I did to make accomplishing my new years resolutions fun, like for example my jar of dreams in which I set some resolutions  I wanted to do in that year like 'dance in the rain'. I would pick out each coloured card and watch the jar empty throughout the year on my window sill. I felt absolutely accomplished and wonderful about myself. It's a really nice 'feel good' way of accomplishing your dreams for the year and also remembering to do the goals you've set.

I thought it would be a great idea to share some of these with you. As they are self-improvement focused (which is so right up my blog's street by the way) there'll be something in here for everyone. So go on have a browse, feel free to steal as many as you like.

Take up a new hobby
Self learn something like basic coding on the internet or take a cooking class.

Focus on being productive instead of busy
This is something I picked up from Timothy Ferriss' book The 4 Hour Work Week where he says 'don't work hard, work smart'. A lot of us confuse being really busy with something as hard work that will pay off. It makes more sense to try and accomplish something with the least endurance. You'll be less rushed off your feet and get more done.

Resolve to do one thing everyday that I fear
What we fear doing most is usually what we need to do more.

Master the art of not giving a f*** about what other people think
It starts with wearing your favourite metallic leggings.

Don't let what other people say get to me

Make new friends
You're never too old.

Make an effort with family

Help people
Even if it is something as simple as helping someone with their shopping.

Care for my skin
Simplify the products you use on your skin.

Learn to cook
There are some amazing cooking channels on YouTube.

Buy experiences rather than material things
Even if it's the bus fare to another part of town.

Open a savings account
Whether it's a savings account to save up for a special treat or the beginnings of your life savings putting away a little at a time will make so much difference.

Do yoga
I can do a backbend, an actual backbend LOOK!

Become adventurous with my style
You'll never know until you experiment.

Take more photos
Even though I couldn't look glam for a daily Instagram selfie I took loads of pretty flatlays of books and gave mini book reviews to my Instagram followers. This one is a great example, and this, and this.

Read a book once a month/week
Here's my list of books to read on GoodReads for your inspiration.

Practice being calm in the face of a panic situation
Start with something like not being preoccupied with time when running late.

Travel on my own 
Even if it's just a train ride to another city. It feels amazing to experience your first bit of independence.

Get rid of one thing from my house per week
Here's a post on 7 easy things to get rid of easily coming out on this blog next Monday. Or read my other posts on how I got rid of stuff.

Play a sport 
Or even go for a run.

Meet new people
Join a bookclub on meetup.com or go to a networking event for an industry you're interested in getting into.

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