Easiest Way to Declutter Your Wardrobe

by - March 01, 2017

I know that getting rid of items from your wardrobe is like asking you to get rid of your babies but believe me when I tell you that I have discovered the best decluttering method. Now this doesn't replace the KonMari method but it's a start and it works almost as effectively, if not better.

We've all heard of Marie Condo's wardrobe decluttering method. It's when you throw out all your clothes on your floor, organise them in sections of work, rest, play (or whatever suits your lifestyle) then start decluttering. You'll have a Keep, Maybe and Get Rid Of pile for each section.

The problem with this is that the Maybe pile is the hugest and often becomes a 'second chance' pile that gets too many chances and somehow manages to stay in your wardrobe forever. Ah, I know that look. It's that 'oh Malia you so get me' look.

Now that we've got all that out of the way. Here's an awesome way to declutter from your wardrobe without spending a whole day rooting through stuff on your floor. Don't get me wrong, I swear by the KonMari decluttering method but I find that areas like the wardrobe need an extra helping hand.

Expensive mistakes

This is a prime example of what gets thrown into the Maybe pile. You want to justify spending a lot of money on something by holding on to it without realising that it has already been a waste of money by staying unworn.

Cheap mistakes

This one's an easy one to get rid of. Anything you bought in the sale just for the price? Only buy in the sale if it's something you would have bought if it wasn't in the sale. Here's my guide on how to spot a good investment piece

Ripped clothes 

Now I love patching up clothes that may have torn at the seams but it's not a good look to walk out of the house only to realise you have a gaping hole in your sweater.

Uncomfortable items

Just because it looked good on the hanger and may look good on you, if it doesn't feel good then you definitely will not wear it often.

Sentimental items 

Anything you're holding onto because you wore it at a special event or someone you love passed it down to you? The easiest way to get rid of sentimental items is by recognising that you are the only person attaching meaning to the item and that material things are just that, they're material and nothing more.

Clothes that don't go with anything else 
Which means you'd have to buy more to wear with it. Don't compensate for something like this. This will teach you what your go-to colours and styles are.

If you haven't worn it in 9 months 

Separate your seasonal items because sometimes I'll look at a winter dress in the summer and want to give it away and when winter comes around I go looking for it only to find that I've donated it.
If you know you have not worn something within season throw it out.

You can watch my video on how I declutter my wardrobe here.

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