How To Wear Off The Shoulder Trend

by - May 13, 2017

Off the shoulder or bardot style tops and dresses have made a huge comeback and I'm so excited about this. Last year it was the 90s strappy camis and now we have bardots. I love it when things make a comeback only because there's a huge supply of the style. I'm not one for following trends but this...this was different. I love my shoulders so showing off my collar bones is my favourite thing about this style.

The red floral isn't in your face. This is the perfect summer midi dress you could wear both on holiday and in the summer even for your supermarket dash. You could wear it to a wedding, a birthday or a summer date.

I love that it's so very light and airy. It folds beautifully in my beach bag and I was able to wear it again without creasing. This is the epitome of summer. I think it's already made it as my summer dress of 2017. Does anyone have that? An item of clothing that completely epitomises the entire season because you wear it all of the time?

The slit arms come down to a tie. I'm not usually a fan of the cuffed wrists but this works so beautifully and is super comfy. You could even wear it covering your shoulders.

On this day in particular I made an effort to wear makeup though neutral compared to the day before as I was meeting some friends of friends. Don't you just love it when you can warm up to new people really easily and generally have a great night. We stayed up until midnight talking love, babies and life over pizza and drinks while I not so discreetly took off my makeup and got comfy. I have to do that when we're staying in.

I was actually falling asleep on the sofa until they left. Though I would like to add that this was by far one of my favourite days on my trip.

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